Monday, May 21, 2012

The Tin Foil Hat People Were Right!

Local governments are using our tax money to pay for anti-gun folks to try to take away our rights!  Hat tip to Robb at Sharp as a Marble for the link to Sean at All Nine Yards  The story concerns a pretty innocuous sounding piece of business in the city of Orlando
Back in March, while researching the repeal of some anti-gun ordinances, I stumbled across an Orlando City Council agenda item that grabbed my attention. It was, on its surface, just a mundane action item for the annual contract renewal of a city employee. But this city employee’s job title was, well, unique…

“Approving Employment Contract for the Grant-Funded Position of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Regional Coordinator.” City of Orlando Website
The job was filled by one Linda S. Vaughn. Ms. Vaughn is "paid a salary of at least $60,000 per year by the City of Orlando using grant funds provided by the Chicago based Joyce Foundation in collusion with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. She also receives city medical, dental and leave accrual benefits at taxpayer expense".  Note that although the position was largely funded by the Joyce Foundation, the city did put up about $24,000 of taxpayer's money for the rest of her pay and expenses. As Sean puts it on All Nine Yards,
Even if the Illegal Mayors and the Brady Bunch provided 100% of the funds it would still be private/public collusion of the worst kind. Could you imagine the scathing editorials, cries of corruption, and the lawsuits that would be filed if the City of Orlando were to put Marion Hammer on staff as their NRA Regional Coordinator?
According to this thread on The High Road, Linda was known for trying to create illegal gun sales: I suppose she assumed she was a "junior detective" and could arrest the people she entrapped.  They include an ad she ran in Shotgun News where she claimed to be selling her deceased husbands guns and "...just wish to see them in the hand of his fellow enthusiasts:"
"Linda" was quickly outed as Linda S. Vaughn, the Southeast Region's Senior Associate Director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence United with the Million Mom March. The fact that the phone number she listed was her Brady/MMM office number didn't leave much doubt as to her identity.

Gloria Culver said, "It didn't take much to figure what this was, it was nothing but bait to get some guy to fall for 'maybe' an illegal weapons transfer. She underestimated experienced gun owners! BIG TIME!" Ms. Culver also made it a point to call Ms. Vaughn herself, and told her that she would be reporting her to the BATFE for posting a misleading ad. (As of this writing, no charges have been filed.)
So not only is the city of Orlando paying tax payers money to her, they're paying it to an unindicted criminal. 

Continuing from All Nine Yards:
Once I put these facts all together, I went in to my closet and put on my wookie suit. Then I took the red pill, locked and loaded, and dove in to the rabbit hole trying to see how far it goes.  On Friday I came screaming out of the other end flying at mach 3, pissed off, pissed on, and with my wookie suit in flames.
Go read. And if you live in Florida, consider clicking on that link to Florida Carry over on my right bar just below the blogrolls. It will take you to their website where you can join, like many of us have. Florida Carry is going to follow this and try to get the situation changed. All of us should look into this wherever we live, because it can't possibly just be in Orlando.

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