Sunday, May 27, 2012

Survivalblog Is Under DoS Attack

If you haven't caught it, Survivalblog is under a DoS attack from an individual, or group of racists out of Texas.

Details here
Update from (Avalanche) Lily Rawles (21:48 MST):
Apparently  there's a racist in Texas that has threatened JWR's livelihood and attacked SurvivalBlog.  The following is a quoted excerpt from the threat as sent to me directly from Lily. She asked that I leave out the cursing and I will happily oblige.
"It appears to have been a "pinging" DOS attack, most likely instigated by the man in Texas that anonymously sent me this little missive, last week:
The whole point of a DoS attack is to keep the server so busy it can't post the page to legitimate users...
So DON'T reload or refresh the SurvivalBlog homepage or you'll be adding to the "traffic" which is crushing SB. Take a deep breath and come back tomorrow.
Rawles says they hope to have this fixed by Monday, although DNS fixes may take up to another day.  Worth reading the whole thing at Orange Jeep Dad.

Note: we are currently viewing  and it is working. 

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