Saturday, June 23, 2012

And Now for Something Fairly Different

Last night, I was practicing a handful of acoustic guitar songs I'm learning, and then was looking up the videos on YouTube to see how they they played it.  As YouTube surfing goes, I soon came across this song that I've always liked, by Al Stewart.

Every time I look into a historical incident, like the basis of the song, I'm reminded how ignorant I am of history. It's both humbling and saddening.  Stewart himself has a web page that contains his inspiration for the song, a story of the war along the Russian front in WWII.  Of course, I know rough overviews of the history, but the story makes it personal, and YouTube user "circumpunk" put together an effective set of images to supplement the story.

It's haunting.  

And if you like the style, the song and story of Lord Grenville amazed me, too. 

Edit: 1925 EDT- Linked to the wrong song!


  1. That was awesome! The Year of the Cat is one of my favorite albums, uh CD's.

    1. When I read that Lord Tennyson poem about Lord Grenville, it simply blew me away. An amazing story. I had always liked the song, and was vaguely aware that it had something to do with Britain vs. the Spanish Armada, but not the whole story. Around 430 years ago - almost twice the age of our country.

  2. For another concentrated dip in history set to Stewart's unmatched lyrical and musical talents, try his album "Between The Wars." It's pure genius from end to end.