Monday, June 18, 2012

Greece Votes in the Adults. All is Saved.

Greece voted in the grown ups who realize they need to follow austerity measures, control their insane spending and their welfare state.  Greece is saved!  The European Union is saved!  The world is fine!  What's on TV tonight?

Yeah.  Riiiiight.

The Economic Collapse Blog tells the story.  Go RTWT, it's not very long.
But the truth is that nothing has really changed.  Greece is still in a depression.  The Greek economy has contracted by close to 25 percent over the past four years, and now they are going to stay on the exact same path that they were before.  Austerity is going to continue to grind away at what remains of the Greek economy and money is going to continue to fly out of the country at a very rapid pace. Greece is still drowning in debt and completely dependent on outside aid to avoid bankruptcy.  Meanwhile, things in Spain and Italy are rapidly getting worse.  So where in that equation is room for optimism?

Right now the ingredients for a "perfect storm" are developing in Europe.  Government spending is being slashed all across the continent, ECB monetary policy is very tight, new regulations and deteriorating economic conditions are causing major banks to cut back on lending and there is panic in the air.
We've been granted a little more time to prep.  It may be just a very little, and it may be just a little more than that - but it's not today and it wasn't this past weekend.  Use your time wisely.


  1. We've paid off our credit cards, the HELOC, and drawn down our "savings". My wife was against taking the money out of the bank at first, but when I showed her what our "earnings" were amounting to, she agreed.
    We've got stored food, water, medications, and other things for at least three months for the four of us, and the kids are moving back to Colorado very soon to help my stepson's girlfriend rebuild their holding that were destroyed in the recent fires out there.

    1. All sounds like smart things to do by me.

      Beans, bullets, band-aids, bullion, and the burnable (fuel). Or to put it another way, shelter, food, water, energy storage, and a means to hold onto those.

  2. And my son is an Paramedic, with tons of that stuff stashed away. He helped us build up a marvelous "First Aid" kit that would do Bones McCoy proud!
    My wife and I were just talking today about "what if", and she asked how would I run all my radio gear if we didn't have gas for our generator.
    I reminded her we have 230 Watts worth of solar panels, and 500 Amp hours worth of deep-cycle AGM batteries.
    I'd also be listening a whole lot more than transmitting!