Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You Know It Has to Happen

(Cagle Cartoons)
You know it will happen, because any interaction with government wherein a civilian says, "No" eventually ends with guns in the civilian's face.  What I want to know is what piece of law gives that ass clown Bloomberg the right to do what he's doing?  Most tyrants pretend to be following the law, right?

Given the petty tyranny of NYC, why would any company want to move there?  Why would any tourist want to go there?  Plays, museums, sports...?  That's nice, but you willingly go into a place where you're not allowed to defend yourself, not allowed to get the salt you may want in your meals, certainly not allowed to smoke anywhere bystanders might be, and now you're not allowed to get the size drink you might want - what else?  Plus, it's a magnet for lunatics from all over the world.

Confidentially, Mayor Bloomy, I don't need to do any business with anyone in your city and see no reason to ever visit.  If I want to smell urine, I can do that any time.  If I need New York levels of intensity, there's a bus station not that far away.


  1. I couldn't agree more.
    I see no reason for that place to exist, outside of standing as a good example of a place I never want to be.

  2. New York. Well on its way to becoming New Detroit.

  3. My guilty secret is that when I watch movies like -The Day After Tomorrow- and some kind of disaster wipes out New York or Los Angeles I crack a smile that runs from ear to ear.

    1. I have to confess to that one, too. There was a movie about a meteor hitting Manhattan and taking it out - I remember thinking "not like that's necessarily a bad thing".