Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Think I Found My Retirement Place

In the emails from friends today, a "secret" NATO submarine base in Norway is for sale:
According to Yahoo, NATO spent almost half a billion dollars building this thing, and is willing to sell it for $17.3 million. 
The full above-ground space measures 13,500 square meters, including the opening at the side of the mountain. It's the 25,000-square meter space within the mountain that makes it oh-so-interesting, though. While you'll find mundane rooms like ordinary offices inside the property, it also has a dry dock for submarines and boats as well as a tunnel system, because no hideout or lair is ever complete without them.
Gosh, 38,500 square meters of living space.   I don't even have 38,500 square feet of space.  Not even 3850 square feet in the house.  I could use a lair.  Why is it that only super villains get to have lairs?

The way I figure it I should just be able to say that I basically have the financing.  You know how the President said the border fence was "basically done", when the DHS said almost 5% was built?  Well  I basically have $17.3 million by that standard.  OK, not really.  I basically basically have $17.3 million by that standard.  If basically basically = 5% of 5%...


  1. Norway is beautiful country, great fishing...


  2. Yo GB,

    If I added my 5% of 5% to yours and we used derivatives for collateral, we could probably swing this.


  3. Just get about 500 people to go in on it with you.

  4. With 500 people I bet we could take it. LOL

  5. O. M. G. Nirvana! Subamrines AND Norwegian chicks!! Be still my heart.