Thursday, June 21, 2012

Most Obvious Headline Evah

"Obama Campaign Spent More Than it Made in May"  Really?  Obama, the guy who has never seen a federal budget with less than 35% more spending than revenue?  He spends more than he makes?  Would would have guessed?
The campaign and the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee with the Democratic National Committee, raised more than $54 million last month, but they spent $69 million.
 (Lessee, 69/54... 27.8 % more spent than they took in?  Sounds good for him.)  And as Kate Hicks, a Town Hall Editor, concludes that linked piece:
And what has all that money bought them? Statistical dead heats in formerly blue stalwarts like Michigan and Wisconsin.
While I'm on the topic of The One, go read Sultan Knish's latest on Obama, King Con: the Legend of Obama.  
Before Obama lied to America, he lied to the left. Before he cheated us, he cheated them. Now he comes to them with some pink underwear and a tricolor sombrero and the people he conned eagerly cheer for him, the way that Madoff's investors cheered when despite all the investigations around him, he sent them a check.

"If it was all a scam, why would he be sending us money? If it's all a scam, why did he endorse gay marriage and illegal aliens?" That's the mark's question that hangs in the air and there is no answer. The question is already the answer. If you're looking for proof that you haven't been conned, it's the best proof that the con has already happened.
and dig on Sultan Knish's artwork:


  1. So, where did the excess money spent come from? The U.S. budget? Or did he merely promise some of his creditors that he would pay them what he owed, running up a tab?

    It is hard to believe that a country could permit such illegal, immoral behavior from its leader. Except, perhaps, in a dictatorship, where the population has no control over what its leader does.

    1. Pure speculation, but I think it's just a "cash flow imbalance". I don't know, for example, that they didn't take in more than they spent for the last four months, and just increased their burn rate.

      In real life, he can't keep spending more than he has. Unless "uncle George" with the nearly infinite wallet bails him out.

  2. That would normally be the most logical explanation - if we were talking about someone other than Obama. As your post alludes to, though, he spends as if he were playing with Monopoly money. Or, as Danny DeVito said, "Other people's money". He makes Bernie Madhoff look like a piker.