Monday, March 14, 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different

Well, maybe not completely different, but pretty darned different.

This week, and for the next three, I'll be guesting on Sean Sorrentino's Gun Blog Variety Podcast.  I'll be guest hosting the Tech Tips segment, about 10 minutes worth of talk.  I had never listened to this podcast before, but have now and it's aptly named.  It's a variety show.  It gets put up Sunday nights, so I should have actually posted this yesterday, but... I forgot!

The Barron, the usual tech tips host, needs some time off and we're expecting it to be four weeks.  It could possibly stretch out longer.  Sean needed someone to pinch hit and went to Borepatch who suggested me due to his being wrapped around the axle with his recent move, new job and all. 

I'll be talking about radio receivers, so the new part is that it's going to be on a podcast, not just writing here.  If you're interested, drop on by Sean's place and have a listen!

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