Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Couldn't Resist

It has been around a while, but I always laugh at it.  The signature says
I have filed away in my mind that I need to do a piece on Bernie's idiocy, but you know what?  Bernie is self-parodying.  Socialist systems always, always, lead to the kind of mess we're seeing in Venezuela now, where the people suffer horribly but the power brokers always have the seaside villa, or the resort somewhere.  Until they take leave of the country - or are relieved of their head.

Only a teenager or college student needs to read about how Bernie is going to enslave screw them in the name of giving them Free Stuff - if they'd even believe the math.  Anybody who looks around at the world objectively knows better.

May as well drag out my other Bernie cartoon:
I understand there's a tattoo shop in Vermont giving away Bernie Sanders tattoos to anyone who wants one.  Brings new meanings to the term "gramp stamp". 


  1. You laugh but I give Bernie a 50:50 chance of being our president. Whoever the Republicans choose to run will turn off a significant portion of conservative voters and the Hildabeast may well be indicted (oh please let her be indicted). Bernie might be the last man standing.

    1. For sure, but I'll still laugh at him.

      FWIW, I give that about a 20 to 30% chance of happening.

      The Evil Party heads have manipulated the system to all but hand the nomination to the Hildebeest, with their Super Duper Delegates and all. Witness New Hampshire where Sanders beat her by a wide margin, but she got the same number of delegates As for indictment, while you or I would probably be sitting in Leavenworth by now, the fibbies are being excruciatingly tedious. If it does happen, I expect an establishment candidate like Biden to be pushed to the front.

      The way things are playing on the Stupid party side, it's too early to tell, but I figure most likely scenario is Trump gets the nomination. If not, there's a brokered-convention scenario where the establishment candidate deemed most broadly acceptable gets put in, probably Rubio.

      By this point in '08 I recall telling a friend that unless something radically strange happens, Obama is the next president. Today, I say unless something really unexpected happens, Trump is our next president.

  2. Maybe. But I would really like to be named beneficiary of an insurance policy on Trump. Because he will most likely be the candidate and the GOPe cannot allow that. However I think they have finally figured out that if they use a brokered convention to steal the presidency from trump and his supporters there will literally be a revolution possibly lead by conservatives with pitchforks. The conservatives (many of them) are fully invested in Trump and many of them think he is the last chance to prevent our country from being stolen by both parties. Right or wrong that is what they believe. So the only thing that would allow a successful alternate Republican candidate is if somehow Mr Trump suddenly and inexplicably passes away. Seems like that recently may have happened to a very key conservative. Can lightening strike twice?