Friday, March 18, 2016

I Think the Summer of '68 is Coming

The rent-a-mob protesters who disrupted a Donald Trump campaign event in Chicago last Friday, a mob organized by MoveOn, Black Lives Matter, union groups, and their fellow George Soros funded groups, are promising a new version of a "Summer of Rage".  For now, they're calling it Democracy Spring.   They're threatening “civil disobedience on a historic scale” and to bring chaos to the primary season.
“This spring, in the heart of the primary season, as the national election begins to take center stage, Americans of all ages, faiths, political perspectives, and walks of life will bring the popular cry for change to Washington in a way that’s impossible to ignore: with nonviolent civil disobedience on a historic scale,” the movement’s website states.

“We will demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do — or until they send thousands of us to jail, along with the unmistakable message that our country needs a new Congress, one that that will end the legalized corruption of our democracy and ensure that every American has an equal voice in government.”

The group vows to use marches, sit-ins and other forms of non-violent protests to make “this election a referendum on whether our democracy should belong to the People as a whole or to the billionaire class alone.”
Bill Ayers "Rules For Radicals" in action, right?  It's not like he's distancing himself from the protests; he was photographed and interviewed on video at the protests. 

Monica Crowley has an explanatory piece in the Washington Times, called "The Left Gets the Band Back Together for 2016" which gets it pretty well.
The radical left will never tolerate a disruption to its revolution to “fundamentally transform the nation.” When leftists detect pushback that threatens its grand project, they attack. And now, following their successfully orchestrated assaults on the Tea Party movement, Mitt Romney’s 2012 candidacy and conservative principles more generally, they are putting the band back together for another national tour.
That feeling that all liberty-loving people have gotten over the last 8 years that the country is systematically being taken away comes from the fact that the country has systematically been taken away.  They've been doing the taking and they're not about to accept the possibility of their progress being reversed.
The leftists must kill the counterrevolution as symbolized by Mr. Trump. This means using any and all tactics, including the heckler’s veto: mobilize the mob, deploy it as a weapon, and then use the threat of future violence to shut down events and smother dissent (as they did successfully with Mr. Trump’s Chicago event). They then blamed Mr. Trump’s policies and rhetoric for creating a hostile environment in which clashes were inevitable.

This is not about Mr. Trump or what he says or does. It’s not about the GOP. This is straight out of the Alinsky playbook: create chaos, blame the victim, stop free speech and advance progressivism. It was particularly pathetic to see some of Mr. Trump’s rivals and other conservatives blame him as well.
These groups are promising protests until they either get their way or they're all locked away (which, frankly, ain't gonna happen).  I hope the contradiction that a group calling itself "Democracy Spring" intends to get their way by shutting down the democratic process isn't being missed.  You may have seen the photo that Miguel posted at Gun Free Zone of one of the useful idiots with a Tee Shirt message, which I'll grab:
I'd like to ask the little useful idiot just exactly how she'll know who anyone votes for?  Since she can't know, the threat translates as, "if I think you look like someone who would vote Trump, we'll beat you". Someone who might vote for Trump?  Why, an angry white person!  Any one will do.  There have been several places where people have threatened that if Trump gets elected they'll start attacking whites everywhere.  Miguel has one from Twitter in his post.  I've seen them in several places. 

I recall the protests of '68 to some degree (it was almost 50 years ago after all), and I think these groups aspire to that sort of destruction.  Baltimore, Ferguson and other riots in the last year are rather reminiscent of the riots of '68.  The big question is whether they'll riot at the Democratic National Convention like in '68.  Actually, the only thing hasn't happened in this old-hippie-led rehash of the 60s is the assassinations.  That could happen at any time, and I frankly expect it.  Many of you have said the same. 
(From Dr. Crowley)


  1. More like communist Spring. All of these groups are funded and supported by communists and use classic Leninist tactics.

  2. The commies always said they'd destroy us from within....

  3. A couple of thoughts:
    - Frankly, I'm surprised we haven't seen more assassination attempts over the past 8 years. back in 2009 it was in the news how busy the Secret Service was and how many threats it was investigating against BHO, yet we haven't heard of any serious attempts on him, or against anyone else.
    - I think conservatives are much more awake and potentially than they were in 1968; if protests, riots, etc pick up this year I suspect we'll see much more pushback now than we did then.
    - Overall, you are right that the Left IS pushing for major change and WILL resist any attempt to stop them. It seems to me that they would rather rule over a wasteland than give up their goals, and there is so far nobody in power with any real interest in stopping them.

  4. The thing about "the summer of 68" was that it started in Little Rock Ark. in 1959 and got progressively worse every summer for 12 years. The WHITE riots stopped when the Vietnam Draft ended. The BLACK riots never really did. The current "unrest" is nothing like the scale or violence of the 63-64-65 "race" riots of the 60's, the post-MLK riots of 68'-69, or the "Nixon" riots of the early 70's.--Ray

  5. Can't recall if I mentioned it here, but another difference is that in '68 the Chicago cops beat the crap out of the grandparents of today's "Occupy" buttwipes (including the ones who _didn't_ wipe), the BM crowd (Black Matter), and all the Young Communists of the Left.

    Unfortunately, likes the cops in Wisconsin who allowed people to vandalize state buildings because they didn't like Walker's decisions, the cops in Chicago this time around probably sided with the protesters. Guarantee that any _conservative_ protesters at a Clinton rally would be snatched up and jailed in a heartbeat for violating the recent "no protest of Secret Service-protected elites" legislation (or was that another Obama EO?).

    I have to say I worry about some Commie revolutionary assassinating Trump, especially if it looks like he might win. There are enough extreme wackos on the Left that getting one or more of them to attempt it might be easier than we would like to think. Or he could simply be "Breitbarted" at any time between now and January 2017 by your favorite three-letter agency drones. I wonder - if it was done between a Trump-won election and the time of his taking office, Obama might just have to remain President until it was all investigated and sorted out, right? Wouldn't that be a nasty cock-up?

  6. Yadda yadda. A few amateur Commie wannabes got you all riled up, eh? Yes they're annoying, but they're just playing their bit part for presentation on Fox to Middle Amerika, so we can quietly roll out the real brown shirts.

    Got any other ideas that are less than 50 years old? Communists quaint!