Saturday, November 19, 2016

Calvin and Hobbes

The day kinda got away from me, with a few hours out in the afternoon and another couple in the evening, so one of my all time favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.
Maybe the only time in the life of the strip where dad isn't being sarcastic or otherwise not being serious with him, and it blows Calvin's mind so badly he can't sleep.


  1. Young Calvin learns the concept of Angular Velocity.....

  2. Calvin looks about like I feel after having read all of the linuxcnc documentation in one day. I'm assuming all the little bits will come together in my subconscious tonight, whilst I'm dreaming about crashing spindles and whirring bits and bytes.

    1. I don't want to sound like Donny Downer, but no. No, it won't suddenly get all clear.


      Using it 8 hours will do more for you than sleeping on it. At least if you're like me.

    2. Ah, thanks (I think!) but I won't be able to really use it until my G540 gets here on Tuesday. I'm replacing the cheap Chinese guts of a 6040Z gantry mill (it lasted all of about 3 days before going poof). After what I've seen of what they did inside that black box, I should have just ordered the mechanical parts and put it together myself.

      I mean, switching the DC side of the main power supply? Running a horsepower-worth of 3-phase 400Hz power in a tight cable bundle with the +24V side of the servo board? Using no grounding whatsoever, anywhere? What's the Middle Kingdom coming to?

      Gadzooks. I'll get there, and so far it's fun.

    3. I've got to tell you it took me until now to figure out what you're talking about.

      I think.

      You're adding a Gecko G540 stepper controller box to a light duty gantry CNC mill? I'm having a hard time finding them. Most of what I see says, "CNC router".

      That said, the stuff you talk about: switching the low side of the power supply and running 3phase AC power with the low voltage stuff, is very clear. And enough to turn my stomach.

      You've got to let me know how that works out!

  3. Wait until Calvin starts studying orbital mechanics (including angular velocity). That will clear out the space between his ears. (No, I don't understand it - I have a very vague and _slight_ notion thanks to having read a lot of science fiction written by engineers :-)