Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Ruminations

The biggest thing I want out of President-elect Trump is to return to the real rule of law.  Real constitutional limits.  The rule of "I've got a pen and a phone, so in your face muthaf**ka" has got to go!  Strangely, there's a positive side to Obama's disregard of the law.  As the Conservative Treehouse points out, (Hat tip to commenter Let'sPlay) since most of the appalling, extra-legal things Obama did were by executive order, those orders can be rescinded by Trump almost on day one.  Congress has abdicated their duty to prepare a budget since Obama came into office, first under the Evil Party, but also under the Stupid Party since they took majorities.  Budgets have been by continuing resolutions, debt ceiling agreements (we don't have a debt ceiling - they have never once stopped raising the ceiling every time it comes due).  Ever hear Sean Hannity drone on about the congress not using their "power of the purse"?  This is it. 

The only thing that really is going to require legislative action is getting rid of Obamacare.  Unfortunately, my position of " Burn Obamacare to the ground.  Vitrify the ashes and bury them with nuclear waste.  Salt the earth so nothing can grow in it's place." doesn't look like it's remotely in the cards.  Obamacare is the only major entitlement passed in the history of the country along a strict party line vote and if it goes down, it will have to go that way, too.  As Denninger really summarized well, there are vast differences between what candidate Trump and President-elect Trump say, and it's all in the direction of bad. We need free market reforms and Denninger is saying they're just not there.  Now, Dr. Carson has been saying the right things about this on the news shows, but the official papers are what I expect to be the official positions. 

The anti-Trump protests are ... you know this already and the media knows this already ... rent-a-mob protests paid for by the usual suspects: Soros and the left wing groups like that he's behind.  The Gateway Pundit even has pictures of the buses they used to bus protestors into Austin, Texas.  Why isn't the media, especially what most of the protesters would call that hard-right-wing outlet FoxNews; why aren't they telling the truth?  Because media!

Speaking of the media, remember the New York Times "apology" letter?
Believing that the Times is going to suddenly be objective would be another example of the same Gell-mann Amnesia one goes through whenever they think the NY Times is right about anything.  Don't believe it for a picosecond.  To enlarge a little on what I said over at Miquel's place
I think what this story is all about is that with the election of a Republican, they think it’s time to turn into government watchdogs again.

Remember the homeless population and the millions of folks who gave up looking for a job?  Haven't heard any sob stories about the homeless or those people working three jobs to support their families in about, oh, eight years, have you?  They’re about to be front page news again. Any sort of government corruption story will be on the front page from  January 20th on.  We're going to go from having an under-appreciated recovering economy to the worst economy since the great depression, like they said while Obama was running the first time.  

All that will change back to a docile, lapdog press when another democrat is eventually elected.

In other words, same sh*t, different day.  Don't believe a word in the New York Times. 
It's unfortunate that the best reporting on what's going on in America these days come from foreign news sources like the Daily Mail in the UK, or Wikileaks.  

 And this one, just for fun.


  1. I picked up on Trump going from "Repeal Obamacare" to "Repeal and Replace Obamacare" a week or so ago.

    I also read wherethey purposely designed Obamacare to have it's tentacles in so deep, in so many unrelated areas, that it would be next to impossible to repeal all of it.

    To which I say....FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT! Gesh....if it got passed, it can be unpassed....

    1. At the time it was passing (Christmas Eve '09), someone pointed out parts of the structure of Obamacare had been included in the TARP bailouts from the previous year. I've also heard it was designed to be hard to extricate.

      To rephrase what you said slightly: you guys broke it, you fix it.

  2. RE: Obamacare repeal - there seems to be some sort of uncontrollable urge among occupants of government that, when one encounters something that is bad there's a need to replace it with something slightly less bad, a kind of "government abhors a vacuum" way of thinking.

    Saw this elsewhere (might have been Denninger's place, I can't remember): "When you put a fire out, what do you replace it with?"

  3. You don't "replace" it with anything. You just go back to doing what it was you did before...

  4. Obamacare was designed to contain a poison pill. They knew it when the created it and they knew it would fail and because of the poison pill even a Republican administration could not simply "end it". Trump has a lot on his plate and a short time to get there. If he tries to simply "end it" he will spend too much time and lose too much good will in the process. So we will get something designed by a committee who will compromise on everything. In other words it will cost more, do less and require more people to administer it.

    What Trump should do is not "end it" but simply remove two of the worst parts of it: Make it voluntary and not mandatory. Declare the subsidies to be unconstitutional and require everyone pay the full cost of their particular Obamacare plan. The result will be almost immediate with everyone abandoning it.

  5. Good points. Make it voluntary, and hopefully it will wither and die.

    My wife works for a school district out here, and she gets a "Platinum Plan" that we pay a small amount for, with NO "Platinum Plan" penalty, because it's what the teacher's get, and the teachers are a protected class.

    On one hand I feel guilty about it, but seeing as I'm retired, buying Obamacare would seriously damage us financially.

    On the other hand, it's the ONLY time in my life I've "gotten something" from the government other than getting screwed on my taxes when I was single because "I made too much money"....

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