Monday, November 28, 2016

Kasich On Ohio State Attack, "We May Never Know..."

As details started coming in, I was leaving a comment at No Lawyers Guns and Money saying I thought it could be a coordinated terror attack. At that time, the Columbus Dispatch was still calling it a shooting.  The reason I said "terror attack" was there was an report that someone called in a report of a fluorine leak and students evacuated to a patio where they were then attacked by someone in a car.  Could it be the report was called in by the Sudden Jihadi or an accomplice to get the students into a place where he knew he could attack? 
Peter Anderson, chairman of the department of materials science and engineering, said he arrived at Watts Hall after the attack was over.

He said students told him that someone called in a fluorine leak in the building, which has lab facilities. As required during emergencies, the students congregated in the courtyard outside the building.

He said the attacker drove a car into the courtyard. “It’s where we hold our ice cream socials and when something like this happens,”Anderson said.
By the time I was reading this, 12:30-ish, there were reports of people being slashed and taken to the hospital for injuries from being hit by a car, but no reports of anyone being shot.  As the events started to be reported more accurately, it sounded more and more like the sort of "open source terror" that Isis was encouraging just last month.  Since we know he was interviewed in the campus newspaper complaining about a lack of prayer rooms on campus, I'm going with "Sudden Jihadi Syndrome" for $500, John Kasich. 

After June's Pulse night club shooting in Orlando, officials were quick to say "we may never know why the killer did this", all the time sitting on 911 audio of the killer saying he was doing it for Isis and their leader. 

In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting, the leadership of a couple of Florida Sheriff's Departments got together about the message that has been preached about mass shootings: Run, Hide, Fight.  Like so many of these glib solutions, it became something that was easily memorized and so became the default response of many in the Pulse nightclub.  What they did was hide in places of light concealment, like in bathroom stalls, and not cover.  The killer reloaded time after time and not once did anyone attack him.  He took his time methodically killing the victims hiding, as they were told.  Those poor folks ended up simply waiting to die and were executed for their trouble.  In its place the department came up with the "Four As":  Awareness, Avoidance, Arm, Attack. 
  • Awareness means situational awareness, as pretty much all self-defense training emphasizes
  • Avoidance means that if something is starting to go down and you can avoid it by running away, run away! 
  • Arm means that if you can carry one, carry your gun all the time, everywhere it's permitted
  • Attack means that if you must attack, attack like crazy.  If you're armed, make the shot; if you're not armed and you have to resort to impromptu weapons like a fire extinguisher, do all you can do.  
I find it hard to find fault with any of this.  If students were allowed to carry on campus, it might have gone better, but to be honest, it went pretty well.  If the jihadi really did call in a false report on a fluorine leak to get people out where he could kill them, he screwed up by not realizing there would be OSU police at the scene.  One of those officers, Alan Horujko, put down the attacker within a minute. 

OSU officer Horujko, top center, and jihadi, prone.


  1. The problem pure and simple is importing angry anti-American violent jihadi loving refugees into America. They do not want to assimilate they want to conquer. Our government was complicit in this attack and all attacks that will inevitably follow this one.

    Imagine the case of Eric Garner who died from complications of his health issues while being arrested. His family received $5 million from the city of New York. Contrary to popular belief that was not a choke hold and the NY police didn't act inappropriately but they still paid off. Well in the case of the federal government bring in these animals to attack U.S. citizens I believe everyone harmed should sue (be allowed to sue) the federal government. Clearly our government acted irresponsibly and contrary to the interest of our citizens and should pay for the damages they caused.

  2. And Kasich still doesn't know why he never even registered as a blip on the Republican primary screen. indyjonesouthere

  3. Garner died from being cuffed in the prone position and left there. I don't know if the cops back there get any EMT training (we did in the San Diego PD academy, although I was already an EMT when I was hired), but with an extremely obese guy like Garner, his weight made it impossible for him to inhale. His chest simply could not inflate with all of his heavy weight pushing down. Had he been turned over, he probably would not have died. It certainly wasn't intentional on the part of NYPD, but it certainly was negligent.

    These jihadis are another matter altogether. .Gov is indeed responsible for bringing these muslims into our country - knowing full well that if they are muslim, they are jihadis. You can't be muslim, following the commands of the qur'an, without being a jihadi. Period. End stop. It would be no different if .Gov imported a large number of known serial killers. Well, actually, that is exactly what they are doing.

    1. Partly correct but the primary cause was his health issues not his weight. Asthma for some people is a killer. The excitement and physical activity of fighting with the police was the coup de grace for him. He should have known this. No one with a serious asthma problem is ignorant of this. But just in the slim chance he could resist and somehow thus avoid going to jail for a few hours he took life threatening action and it sealed his fate. If after he started saying "I can't breathe" the police had backed off and helped him it is still doubtful he could have survived. IF he had an inhaler and was able to use it - maybe. But once he choose the physical route he was a gonna!

  4. Four dead in Ohio.
    Neil Young you are such a hypocrite.