Friday, November 4, 2016

Fiat Justitia, et Pereat Mundus

Translates as "Let justice be done, though the world perish".  Apparently it's not really a phrase from the Roman Empire but from a book in 1563.   Wikipedia says:
This sentence was the motto of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, probably originating from Johannes Jacobus Manlius's book Loci Communes (1563). It characterizes an attitude, which wants to provide justice at any price. Its first documented use in English literature was about half a century later.
Hat Tip to The Arts Mechanical for this information, in a piece called Nightmare Fuel, and it really is reading that's not for the squeamish.  He, in turn, links to a number of sources that are reporting on the truly disgusting things going on in Clinton Foundation's universe.  First a link to True Pundit:
BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury
It's. Not. Just. Bill.  It's all of them.  From Reddit's The_Donald forum :
BREAKING: I believe I have connected a convicted child abductor who was caught stealing children in Haiti with the Clintons
The individual in question is one Laura Silsby, former director of The New Life Children's Refuge. She was caught trying to steal 33 children from the country, most of whom were not even orphans and had families.

Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms. Silsby. Wikileak emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives discussing Laura's NGO. Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.
Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on this woman's organization:
One of the first things Hillary did when she took over the scene in Haiti was to get Laura off the hook:
And the attorney who represented Laura Silsby? A man who was himself convicted as a sex trafficker:
Even more disturbing, we uncovered an email in Wikileaks where they are literally pricing how much it costs to transport children:
Again, this was the same group that got busted by Haitian Authorities trying to Traffic kids.
They're in the Clinton Emails;
Pitch for funding or some shit, super sketchy.
This looks like Mills & co are drafting statements following extradition.
Help me research!!! There are surely more emails to be found in Wikileaks on this! If we can connect the Clintons to a child abductor their campaign is DONE!!!
EDIT: Wanted to add this email showing HRC contacting a lawyer regarding the 10 people who were arrested for their roles in this kidnapping case, thanks /u/Look_See_Think for bringing me this:
EDIT 2: More info on this story:
If a quarter of what's alleged in this thread on Reddit is true, the entire Clinton Foundation and everyone in that circle needs to be burned to the ground.  Fiat Justitia, et Pereat Mundus  Anthony Weiner turns out to be on the moral high ground in this crowd if he merely sent pictures of his junk to underage women. 

Common Sense Evaluation posts a story on the special perversion of John Podesta: spirit cooking.  I had never heard of that term before today, and it appears to be a barbarism that the most decadent times of the Roman Empire might have produced.  It comes from an "artist" named Marina Abramovic:
Abramovic is known for her often-gory art that confronts pain and ritual. Her first performance involved repeatedly, stabbing herself in her hands. The next performance featured her throwing her nails, toenails, and hair into a flaming five-point star — which she eventually jumped inside of, causing her to lose consciousness.

During the next, she ingested a medication to treat people who are catatonic, which caused violent muscle spasms.
It gets worse from there.  Perhaps Christians might recognize similarities to Baal worship going on here.  Worship of bodily functions, pain, excrement, human sacrifice… those sorts of things.  I notice Ann Barnhardt sees it, too.  Common Sense Evaluation has more background hereCaligula would fit right in with this group. 

It's rumored that Huma and Anthony kept a lot of this stuff in hidden folders called "Life Insurance".  There appears to be some evidence that's how this network of perverts works; everyone who's alive has something on the rest.  The files that have been recovered include thousands of emails that Hillary had deleted and presumably wiped with Bleach Bit.  It's no wonder that the NYPD Police Chief as quoted in the True Pundit article said,
“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,”
Fiat Justitia, et Pereat Mundus

I've mentioned here before that I regularly give to a charity called Operation Underground Railroad, which specializes is freeing children kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.  I never once imagined that it would be an anti-Clinton political donation.


  1. These people are truly evil....on the level of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others.

    And yet HALF the population of the United States sees nothing wrong with her.

    If she gets elected, I think it's over for the USA.....

  2. If I were on a jury:

    Hitler, Stalin, and Mao each murdered tens of millions. These people murdered, what, 55? They're not even up to the level of Lincoln yet.

    Hillary didn't make the State Department into a toll booth, all export/import control governmental organs everywhere are toll booths. Her behavior was average.

    They had sex with adults in a manner commonly found disgusting. That's not even illegal.

    Nor do I believe the stuff about children. I'm supposed to believe they've all been doing this for decades, they're so sloppy/unconcerned they used their own email server which everyone broke into, but despite unconcern and sloppy there's no terabyte of video trophies of their conquests?

    I see a bunch of breathless claims for game-changing evidence, promised to be delivered the day after you cast your vote having changed it. I conclude the NYPD is mostly Republicans, and this is a chance to move the ball down the field for their team.

    1. So 55 murders is acceptable to you? That's a number you can live with for a Presidential candidate? Does a scumbag like Hillary Clinton have to have a body count in the millions before you find her distasteful? You are clearly a sociopath.

      Furthermore, if you think upper level cops in a police department in New York City are Republicans, you clearly have NO CLUE how clout works in a big city police department.

    2. Well, I won't address number 2, since it would assume facts not in evidence. However, your first point is quite laughable. It demonstrates a complete break from reality intensified by a significant reading comprehension problem. Good luck to you.

    3. Chief, You do understand that my post was in response to anon 1:49 don't you?

    4. Does it not matter that she has sold interest in our government (state department) to the highest bidder? She can get $250,000 for a speech, yet when she is speaking at a rally for free, no one shows up. Those aren't speeches she is selling...

  3. Yes. They ARE evil. Even if these latest allegations are just B.S.
    We want to believe the worst regarding those whom we already despise.
    Unfortunately, I do believe this to be true...


  4. I would only note that they would ALL be in jail by now if this country's "Law Enforcement" would bother to honor their very oaths of office. And that includes Brevard County's "finest".

    Instead, they do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in.

    They had better understand that, when there is no Rule of Law, it works BOTH ways.

  5. I've been watching the Wikileaks expose' with interest and I would love to see that "Caligula would be appalled" video come out to end this once and for all. However, I think in the end we will have to make do with your "run of the mill" security breaches.
    It seems to me that what I am seeing is people stretching themselves into all sorts of contorted states to make that "Caligula" moment happen. You go back and look into the details of the Haiti thing and it can just as easily be a bunch of naive and moderately brain-dead do-gooders thinking they were helping. Saw another where emails back and forth about an upcoming weekend dinner/pool party and somebody trying walnut pasta sauce translated into a pedophiles orgy? Occam's razor people...we have enough concrete stuff to play with...don't need to try to make pretzels.

    1. Yes, exactly. The presidential political contest would instantly be over if the NYPD leaked trophy snapshots from illegal sex parties. They would have to flee the first world. Therefore, they haven't got the snapshots.

      55 murders is not 10 million murders, it's not even 100K murders. Hillary murdered far fewer Americans than that big government-loving liberal, Dwight Eisenhower. He luuuuuved him some big government. Loved the new deal, and pax Americana, and research funding from government. Specialized in war, the biggest of all big government programs.

      I don't support her, and she should be in prison for the many crimes for which there is ample evidence to convict her. But don't exaggerate, these crooks are small time.

    2. Anonymous at 12:39a.m. Glad you agree that she should be for Eisenhower and the rest...go troll somewhere else.

    3. I object to the reduction of freedom no matter if the conscripting warmongering centralizers are on CFR team D or R. DDR seemed like a nice guy, except his moral values were programmed like a Terminator. He didn't think, he just executed within very narrow parameters. Unlike Smedley Butler, he never woke up. That final address was very weak after having spent 8 years doing just what he warned again.

  6. Another possibility is that this is a false flag. NYPD breathlessly reports stuff so over the top that it is easily shot down by the Clintons - as intended.

    In war and political campaigns, truth is the first casualty.

  7. Silicon, commentor 'Wombat' at Richard Fernandez' "Belmont Club" at PJ Media takes the allegations apart. Richard's post is titled "Riddles in the Dark. There are only 103 comments there; his comments are easily found. A brief quote: "Was NLCR involved in "child trafficking"? Start with the Wikipedia page and follow the links at the bottom of it. NLCR *may have* transported or attempted to transport Haitian children who were not relative-less orphans or even parent-less children (hence, not orphans at all), out of Haiti to the DR, without the proper paperwork required by Haitian authorities, to a mission being built in the DR.

    Once again, for the record: I despise the Clintons. I for one do not think the extent of their heinousness has yet to be grasped by the American public.

    Nevertheless, these "child trafficking" and "pedophilia" rumors and the fake "news" sites that *supposedly* contain wikileaks substantiation (but really don't -- a REDDIT user's "interpretation" and distortion of wikileaks links, does not amount to wikileaks saying it) are the pit of slimy rumors.

    I would prefer that Belmont Club be a place where this sort of misinformation is NOT accepted and spread about unquestioningly, but instead is looked at skeptically and exposed as false and misleading where it proves to be false and misleading"
    What he says about the Belmont Club and "misinformation" I also think about your site.

    1. What he says about the Belmont Club and "misinformation" I also think about your site.

      That's fine. You'll note that I'm not an "authorized journalist" in any sense of the word. Just a dude with a blog trying to figure out the insanity of the world.

      Let me point out that I said, "If a quarter of what's alleged in this thread on Reddit is true..." indicating that I'm not sure it's true.

  8. It's worth pointing out that while the majority of the comments have centered on the NYPD, the majority of the article is not NYPD related. It's Wikileaks released emails.

    You'll also note that I didn't use the "decoder ring" that's going around (from Vox Day?) that implies words like "cheese" and "pizza" are code words related to pedophilia. I'm highly suspicious of that with zero evidence provided that it might be real.

    This is about abducting children for sex slavery, not about weird sex between consenting adults.

  9. It is the nature of these kinds of crimes that there is no good evidence. Unlike everyday human foibles where the individual makes obvious mistakes and exposes their sins simply because they don't think of it as something to hide; a sex trafficker or pedophile fully understands the seriousness of their crime and puts a lot of effort into covering it up and creating alibi's or alternative interpretations. Because of this, indeed we do not know with absolute certainty that all or any of these things happened. That is not the same as proof of innocence.

    As for code words; it's a tell (an unconscious action that is thought to betray an attempted deception.) One does not use code words to hide innocent things unless they are playing dungeons and dragons. When I was a kid my parents would speak in ciazarn when they didn't want us kids to know what they were talking about. But although I could not understand what was said in ciazarn I could understand what was said in English around it and the body language and could often interpret the intent. The ciazarn was a tell that would cause me to pay very close attention to everything going on and interpret otherwise innocent things with a better degree of understanding. In this instance the code words should make our spidey senses tingle and make us focus like a laser on what is going on.

    1. That's not how that crime works. Historically when police arrest a pedophile, they haul out evidence by the box in the form of trophy and advertising photos and videos. These people were so careless they revealed the existence of their secret mail server to many correspondents, yet there is not even one trophy photo in 600,000 messages?

      The moving Haiti children thing looks like setting up adoptions without following the intentionally obstructive rules. None of the parents of the children complained, did they? Only the rule-enforcers.

  10. Hillary must have been promised the Presidency by the Powers that be! It makes no difference who you vote for because the Elitists will have their way! Why are we trying to make a change when the masterminds are still at large? The Clintons, Abedin, Obama, Jarrett, Lynch will only be replaced with more of the same. The only way to make a significant change is to go after the masterminds....Has this country become 100% Progressive already? Who has the courage to do this? Congress?....No...The Military?...No....the illegals..No...the Muslims...No. Who then?