Saturday, March 25, 2017

Blast From the Past... 100 Years Ago

A friend sent me this link to a collection of post cards depicting the Ford factories in 1917.  It's worth your time to go take a look.  According to the collection of cards itself, Ford Motor Corporation was founded in 1903.  From the 1903 founding until September of 1904, they sold 1708 cars.  In 1917, they planned to produce a minimum of 700,000 cars, an increase in capacity of over 409 times.  Over 8 doublings of production, so doubling production in less than two years, eight times over.  

Truly amazing. 
It's a cool collection of pictures. 


  1. Those pictures are so cool. Thanks

  2. The level of production increase is astounding- like the turnaround of war production in the forties from consumer manufacturing to armaments. This is why competent executives make the big bucks- it is a talent I am in awe of. The organizational abilities of genius levels.

    1. Yeah, the growth is incredible. I worked for a company back in the 70s that was growing at about 30-50% a year for several years and it was full-tilt crazy trying to keep up with demand. Doubling every 18 months over and over again is hard to imagine. They'd have to work around the construction guys putting up new buildings.