Saturday, March 4, 2017

Info Bleg for My Fellow Bloggers

I've been thinking of maybe switching to another system for running comments other than the built in Blogger tool. I've seen one or two people talk about migrating Blogger comments over to another tool and have some questions. 

Could someone give me some practical experience tips with this?  I'd like to know if this is more likely to be a one day or one month effort (more than one?), different options and, really, the types of things you learn from doing it more than the things I could get from a search engine.   Are you happy with how it worked out?  Would you still do it? 

My main motivation is to give folks the option to make small corrections and edits for a few minutes after they post a comment. 
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  1. I have no experience managing comment systems, but from a user's perspective I haven't seen any system that beats Disqus. It may cost $$, though.

  2. Not a fan.
    Note this is for a Wordpress blog.
    I messed with this issue several years ago and came to the conclusion that whatever I tried wasn't worth the hassle.

    1. As far as I'm concerned, any system that doesn't a) let you edit after posting, b) takes many, many steps to post a simple comment, and c) doesn't inform you if someone has replied to you [forcing you to keep coming back to check] is useless. Disqus has its faults, but it performs spectacularly on all these points.