Friday, November 17, 2017

About That Whole GQ Story

There's a lot of buzz over GQ picking Colin Kaepernick as their "Citizen of the Year".
I haven't said anything but I just want to pass on what I think is going on.  The easy one to shoot for is that their political beliefs align with his.  I think that's secondary.  The big reason is that GQ is failing, like most magazines, and it has been years since anyone has said "there's a lot of buzz over GQ" or since GQ has made news at all.  If they ever have. 

There's a quote attributed to PT Barnum that "there's no such thing as bad publicity", and I think they're just dying for people to notice they're still around. 


  1. Hopefully, far fewer will even bother to notice after this poor choice. If they had done it as satire, they might have gained a little ground. They lost a lot more than fifteen yards on this play.

  2. I believe that Colon Kaepernick needs to marry Bruce Jenner (man and woman of the year). You can read more on my theory on my blog this Sunday - the Sermonette (shameless plug).

  3. That brings up something that just occurred to me: sickening question, really, but since I don't watch tv or read newspapers, tell me: has the media published any stories of Brucie/Caitlin's romantic involvements since he/she decided to become a hermaphrodite? I seem to recall that most Hollywood or otherwise "famous" people used to have large articles, with many photos, written of their romantic involvements. Don't they write about all the other Jenners' boyfriends?