Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Why First World Countries Have Third World Cities

So goes the clickable title from the Foundation for Economic Education, FEE.

TL:DR version: it's what you think.  These places are run by corrupt leftist politicians.  There's too little freedom.  They enact laws to tax and control everything, hurting economic freedom. 
The FEE article does a more thorough analysis of the story relying heavily on research by an economist here in Florida, Dean Stansel, of Florida Gulf Coast University:
There is a wide consensus amongst economists that economic freedom largely determines the wealth of nations and metropolitan areas are no exception to this rule. As Economist Dean Stansel, in his paper, An Economic Freedom Index for U.S. Metropolitan Areas states, “higher levels of local economic freedom are found to be correlated with positive economic outcomes.”
Both Baltimore and Detroit make it into the top 5 cities with the highest tax burdens, according to the Office of Revenue Analysis. As for New Orleans, Louisianans face the third highest combined state and local sales taxes, as well as excessive levels of deficit spending. These three cities are also plagued by excessive and even bizarre occupational licensing laws. Louisiana licenses florists, Detroit licenses hair-braiders, and Maryland counties license fortune tellers. If only Maryland’s licensed fortune tellers could have predicted that big government would cause businesses to flee these cities.
The truth, of course, is that the US is sprinkled with third world cities. Remember the story about Seattle removing the laws against public defecation and the problems that caused?  It's going on in more places.

Of course, if you're a reader here, you just might be a firearms enthusiast and you know that Detroit, Baltimore, and New Orleans are rife with violence.
Per 100,000 people Detroit’s gun homicide rate (35.9) is just shy of El Salvador’s rate (39.9), Baltimore’s rate (29.7) nearly matches that of Guatemala (34.8), and if New Orleans were a country it would have the second highest homicide rate in the world (62.1) – behind Honduras (68.3) and well ahead of Venezuela 39.9. Incidentally, these three cities have some of the strictest gun laws in the country.
As you might expect, how economic freedom is measured is up for discussion and Stansel lists both the most and least free cities.  Of the ten most free cities, seven are in Florida; mostly smaller cities, not the big blue cities of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Orlando. 


  1. I would disagree with the consensus of the economists just as I would disagree with the consensus of global AGW science. A comparison of cultures would indicate that 3rd world cultures in first world setting do no better than 3rd world cultures in 3rd world settings. Cultures are not equal. indyjonesouthere

  2. Raised in Detroit area during the transition years. Even as a kid, the deterioration was obvious. I don't go home much anymore ...

    But one thing usually not mentioned when discussing Detroit is the wealth of the metro area north of 8 Mile.

  3. Sorry...that bird won't fly. The problem is race, not party. White cities in the U.S. under Democratic control still do ok, in spite of the burden leftist policies place upon them. ALL of those U.S. cities mentioned are controlled by blacks; once that occurs,it's all downhill from there. Simply put,there are NO 1st world level polities controlled and administered by blacks ANYWHERE on the planet,even in places untouched by slavery or colonialism.

    Every 1st world city or state blacks have inherited or taken over from whites, they've then proceeded to destroy, in short order. Congo, Rhodesia, SA, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, Newark, Oakland, Memphis, Chicago- The list goes on and on.

    Until this fact is recognized, as a fact, and not "racism", the disingenuous virtue signalling will continue, with much waste of lives and treasure. (BTW, White flight occurs once blacks reach 11% of a given area's population. Whites deveop and then cede territory, because integration is ALWAYS forced upon them by bayonet or banknote, or both.)

    If Hiroshima traded populations with Detroit today, Detroit's problems would end, and Hiroshima's would begin..

    1. I was going to say this myself, because many people are afraid to speak the truth about race. When I first visited Nassau years ago, it had been trashed by its black population after they took over from the British. The resort areas are clean and well kept - it's like that throughout the Bahamas - but the cab ride from the airport to Paradise Island displayed how badly Nassau had deteriorated.

      I know there are good black people who would work to reverse this is they could, but I'm afraid the majority of blacks appear to be "third-worlders".

    2. White flight occurs once blacks reach 11% of a given area's population. Whites deveop and then cede territory, because integration is ALWAYS forced upon them by bayonet or banknote, or both.

      Poor Whites. Always having integration forced on them by an 11% of population that can't run a city, yet is militarily the best army in history because they reliably win a military contest against that large of a headcount ratio disadvantage.

      Whites ruin the city. The White majority is in control, always, everywhere in the US, because that's what majority means. Doesn't matter what the Blacks want, they don't have the manpower headcount to force their will.

    3. Anonymous, you are a deliberate liar.

      Majorities in America have been repeatedly overruled regarding integration. You know that. Whites have NOT been in control since Brown- when the majority was overruled by Washington at gunpoint.

      And, as far as the 11% goes, when you can neither stop them from arriving, nor regulate their disruptive behavior once arrived- then yes, a minority, under massive government protection, can terrorize a subjugated majority quite easily.

  4. I would bet that there is a STRONG correlation between the condition of those cities and the melanin content of their residents. Of course, it is simply not acceptable to discuss that, since Diversity is our Strength! and All Cultures are Equal!

    Third world cultures beget third world conditions. And fourth world cultures beget fourth world conditions. Because Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans are not merely third world.

    1. The majority whites voted for, and paid for, the third world socialist policies which created these messes. Why do people blame the voter block which didn't have enough votes to be in control of anything?

    2. Because it's not a "voter block", you idiot. It's a group of people genetically distinct from, and hostile to, their majority countrymen. Their behavior patterns are discivilizationa; they destroy what others create.

      Now please, go back to whatever leftist hole you crawled out of. Progtards make my stomach turn..

  5. "What you tax, you get less of, and what you subsidize, you get more of."
    If you turned off the welfare spigot, and denied single mothers Daddy Government to father their litters, and left them to shift entirely on their own hook, they'd return to something approximating their status pre-1960.

    All throwing more money into the failed school systems has done is entrench a higher-paid teacher's union dug in like ticks, which subsidizes more Leftist folly. DC alone has the highest spending per child, and the lowest results.

    Like all sinkholes, when you see one start to develop, move away as quickly as possible, and for good.

  6. I think anon deserves a better answer and less anger. The voting block in question was carefully seduced and "set up" by the left. The laws pass since the early 60's were designed to create a more or less non-working voting block that depended on government and in particular the leftist politicians in government to provide them free stuff in return for votes. To win elections in most venues you do not need to seduce 51% of the voters with free stuff because there are so many useful idiots out there who vote depending on what the MSM tells them. What you need is a solid 8-12% of the vote that will absolutely vote for you to get you over the 51% needed.

    Also it is worth noting that over the last 50 years or so that congressional districts have been gerrymandered to assure minority congressmen from these districts. This is part of the seduction effort to insure that congress would continue and enhance welfare and keep the voting block happy and voting for Democrats. The fix is in, the swamp is winning.