Thursday, January 18, 2018

Irresistibly Funny Mistake

It was surprisingly cold this morning, the coldest of the winter (I think), but clear and bright once the sun was clearing the rooftops.  Perhaps a light touch of frost, but not as heavy as earlier in the month. So imagine my surprise when AccuWeather showed this:
It has snowed in the area over the 35 years I've lived here.  Twice.  Neither was more than light flurries.  Needless to say, it's a rare thing when snow appears in the forecast and heavy snow here is unprecedented.  The National Weather Service said 0% chance of any precipitation.

I couldn't help but laugh at it.  And, no, it didn't.


  1. I remember it snowing on Christmas Day in 1973 in Satellite Beach. Flurries struck our front window and then melted.

    First time I ever saw snow in real life.

    1. I didn't move here until 1982, so missed that. The two I'm thinking of were in the mid-80s, I think around Christmas in '86 or '87, and I'm hazy on it because I was out of town when it happened. The other was back in January of 2010. I didn't see it, but friend out near Lake Washington told me he had flurries at his place. I know I watched a thermometer that day and it never went above 34.