Sunday, January 7, 2018

Lately, This Simple Question Won't Leave Me Alone

Here's the setup:  I'm sure you've seen Evil Party representatives and their fellow travelers, Antifa, BLM and so on, demanding more immigration and open borders.  At the same time, they're always whining about what an awful country this is. 

So the question is, if the country is really that bad, why do they want to lure immigrants here?  Wouldn't the compassionate thing be to warn them to stay away from here?  If they're inviting immigrants into an awful, horrific, hateful place, doesn't that make them cruel and despotic?  

Sort of like asking why anyone would want to live in a sanctuary state.  Like this:

Michael P Ramirez cartoons, obviously.


  1. Because it is all politics and never was about what they say. The purpose of illegal immigration and diversity immigration is to bring in dependable Democrat/socialist voters. Antifa is bought and paid for by Soros a Democrat/socialist who wants to control America.

  2. Very simple: votes. The immigrants the Left wants vote for the Left. Daniel Greenfield had it spot-on:

  3. Revenue for the skim. Cut outs to handle the jobs Americans won't do.
    Like human trafficking, gun running, drug running.

    Votes? Only for more prisons, laws, enforcement. Of course, those tax dollars can be repurposed to create more problems.

    I like to think of it as reverse money laundering. Honest tax revenue funding off the books start-ups.

  4. This is likely going to be laughed off and condemned as "over the top", but what happened in South Africa when white administration was overturned might be instructive.