Saturday, February 24, 2018

CNN's Town Hate on Guns

The Federalist has the story of how CNN's Town Hall Hate on guns got off to a rocky start when one of the students accidentally asked Senator Bill Nelson (D. Uranus) an accusatory, inflammatory, and personally-insulting question that CNN had intended be directed to Dana Loesch.
“I had a question for Ms. Loesch but she’s not here yet, so, for her and the NRA, which she’s probably watching, and all of you puppet politicians that they are backing: was the the blood of my classmates and my teachers worth your blood money?”

Rather than chide the questioner for such a dishonest, partisan screed, Tapper immediately jumped to Nelson’s defense.

“Senator Nelson, you don’t have to answer that question,” he said. “Let’s move on to the next question.”

The crowd jeered, and the student was not happy. “Excuse me? I’m a student. I should –”

“I understand that,” Tapper interrupted. “But your question, I thought you were going to ask Senator Nelson a question. Your question sounds like you want to ask Dana Loesch a question in the next segment. And I’m happy to do that, if you want.”

Kinda makes double bind questions like, "are you still beating your wife?" sound tame by comparison, doesn't it?  "This... is CNN". I mean, do you think the kid came up with this herself?  More than one student has complained that CNN gave them scripts to follow and didn't want to hear their actual experiences or opinion.
Colton Haab, one of the students who survived last week’s mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, told the media he chose not to attend the town hall, because CNN tried to give him written questions to ask at the event. Haab is a Junior ROTC enlistee who personally helped dozens of students stay safe during the shooting by moving them to a more secure classroom and setting up Kevlar screens to shield students from bullets.

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions and it ended up being all scripted,” he told a local news outlet. “I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinion on my questions.”
I didn't watch it.  I think anyone knew which direction this was going to go as soon as it was announced, it's just that CNN proved to be more despicable than even my expectations of CNN.  My expectations for CNN's professionalism make a pretty low bar, and they were so far below that they couldn't see it with high power scope.  If you're interested, The Federalist has a short interview and audio podcast with Dana saying what it was like from her point of view.


  1. I watched some accounts of this CNN production on Fox News and it only reinforced the propaganda nature of CNN's activity. There needs to be a total boycott of CNN by everyone who doesn't want to be affiliated with this staged trash - which includes debates during the political season.

    1. There already. I haven't watched CNN in a decade. Maybe more.

      I'm thinking we need to organize a counter-boycott of all those companies who want to punish innocent NRA members.

    2. Yes, indeed. They have said in no uncertain terms that our money is no good. Who are we to argue? We're just a basket of deplorables. Let's give them what they want, good and hard. It's only right, after all, because we'd be paying with blood money and no honest soul wants blood money in payment for his services.

  2. "Your question sounds like you want to ask Dana Loesch a question in the next segment."

    'These are not the drones you are looking for.'

  3. Now that more information is coming out it is more obvious to everyone that you cannot depend on the government/law enforcement to protect you. The school security monitor hid while the shooting went on and after arriving on scene another four officers hid as well (in all fairness they didn't really hide they 'took cover'). I'm not a law enforcement hater, I support our first responders. But I suspect that they were in fact following policy and waiting for backup and a commander on scene. That is the problem. When seconds count the police are only minutes away. Probably this won't change. We all need to be able to protect ourselves. The founding fathers were incredibly prescient in creating the 2nd amendment and we need it even more now that it is under assault from the left. Make no mistake this isn't and never was about saving lives. There are 100 things we could do to save innocent lives without touching the 2nd amendment or guns. This is about private ownership of guns. They do not want the common man to have guns. They depend upon and are using the useful idiots who simply do not understand what is going on in their effort to ban and confiscate guns. Eventually they will win and our 2nd amendment rights will be gone and never return. Then only the police (who take minutes or longer to respond) and the bad guys will have guns.

    1. I was reading somewhere that the protocol for mass shootings used to be to queue up a big group and go inside in overwhelming force - until a shooting at a North Carolina hospital (this is entirely from memory, so probably wrong). In that shooting, one guy went in by himself and won, which turned the protocol into "get someone in there ASAP". It's possible Sheriff Israel's team works by the old protocol.

      Or it's possible they're all just assholes.

      David Codrea links to the story of the Coral Springs PD officer who ran toward the gun fire, unarmed, in shorts and a Tee shirt - because it was the right thing to do. When he got inside, a Coral Springs SWAT team (presumably recognizing him) have him a sidearm and a vest (not rated for rifle rounds)), so he wasn't completely "naked"

      It's hard to find fault with that kind of response.

  4. "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. OR they just might be waiting outside until the noise dies down."