Monday, February 19, 2018


I haven't said anything about the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting last week down in Parkland.  I know the area and was in Parkland about a month ago (drove through it); it's about 7 or 8 miles from where my brother lives and along the route we used to drive from his place to my mom's house.  A couple miles closer to where I lived in the late 70s/early 80s.  Not that it's particularly relevant. 

To begin with, if you want to see a truly epic fisking of "we're coming to take your guns", see Raconteur Report's perspective, but there are lots of others people talking about this.  If anything, I see the result of a Feinstein-like, "turn them all in, America" as being worse (for them) than he says.  And, as McThag said for so many of us, I'm sick to death of being blamed for things I had nothing to do with.

The media and the Evil party (pardon my redundancy) are without exception saying we need to do something ("ban all the things!") and have completely steadfastly avoided mentioning anything that might actually work.

In intervening days, I've heard a few of the kids from school sounding very rational - as a counterpoint to the political demonstrations where the Useful Idiots staged a die in.  What's that awful smell?  Is it the DNC?  George Soros?  Michael Bloomberg?  What's the difference? 

With surprising regularity, comedians "get it" far more than their serious counterparts (exceptions for certain so-much-smarter-than-us late night comedians).  Saturday nights at 10 PM, Fox News channel runs the Greg Gutfeld show.  It's a time I frequently find myself sitting in the living room finishing up an hour of guitar practice, so I frequently end up watching. 

Greg's regular panel of commentators includes former professional wrestler Tyrus, who has also been a teacher and a personal bodyguard (to Snoop Dog).  He actually had a pretty good summary of what will work and I'm going to paraphrase madly.  He started by saying that just as 9/11 changed air travel forever, we need to change schools forever.  First, schools need access control.  One of the kids I heard said the killer walked onto campus from a nearby field (it tends to be woodsy in Parkland) and then into a doorway to a stairwell on school property.  That's where he started the attacks.  Nothing to block just walking into the building.  No locks, no searches, no "scanning in" with a card, no combination locks, nothing.  Why is that banks have access control, along with every other institution you can name, but not every school?   

Let's leave out the TSA grope and Perv-o-scan, though, and maybe just scan backpacks.  

Second, much like the air marshals on planes and arming pilots, we need to empower any teachers who are already concealed carriers and get them more training.  We're not talking about arming teachers, just helping those who have the ability to be better.  Guys like Coach Feis, who was a CCW carrier, but forbidden to have his gun at work, and so died because of that.   Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd made news over the weekend for saying he's going to train any teacher that wants it.  They call it their Sentinel Program and it was adopted by Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida last year.  And my favorite part:
He acknowledged that some would not agree with his plan. However, he also noted that those who criticize have not offered alternatives, saying: “OK, Einstein, you got a better idea?”
Third, the media has to stop giving these horrible losers wall-to-wall news coverage.  They want their picture everywhere.  They thrive on being notorious for carrying out the worst shooting evah.  That's one of the reasons they do this.   Yeah, it's big news, but for cripe's sake, could you not show his picture every 5 seconds, like not show it at all?  And don't mention the guy's name.  He wants fame, not anonymity. 

Every other place that has things we value is protected by armed guards.  One "resource officer" isn't enough for a school the size of Stoneman Douglas - or anything much bigger than a one room schoolhouse.  Tyrus threw around the number that he understands approximately 435,000 veterans of the current wars are unemployed.  Many, if not all, are well trained in the use of firearms and would be easy to integrate into the school community.  Help the vets and help protect the kids in one move.

Frankly, while the talk about more screening for mental illness has some sense to it, it also raises my hackles about 4th amendment problems.  I was working on a long piece on this, but this guy on WRSA covers a lot of it.  As always, who decides and on what grounds?  What test?  Is there actual due process?  Do you get committed because a neighbor who's pissed off about your house/yard/car/dog/kids calls you in to the sheriff?  When the the Broward County sheriff's office is saying that people should call them when their neighbor comes back from the gun range instead of the grocery store (23:30 to 24:00 in that video), is that the kind of thing that gets you locked up for mental issues? 

It's hard to sum this up, but let's try this:  there are things we can do that will work, and then there's meaningless gun control blather.  All we're hearing in most of the media is things that we know won't work.  We need to try to push the discussion in the right direction. Give the PTB a little clue by four. 


  1. And would someone please look at the SSRI/mass murder relationships?
    Oand over we hear these killers were on psychiatric meds, and the bottle have warnings on them about this exact thing, and countless studies have been done that show a clear risk factor for suicide and hyper aggressive behavior, and the high frequency of these attacks started right after prozak (the first SSRI) was put on the market.
    But nary a word from the left, from the right, from the press or the politicians or hardly anyone.
    Something changed in this country. We created reavers.

    1. I could have gone on, and SSRIs were in the next few things to talk about. At some point, though, I don't want to make my pieces so long that nobody will read them.

      I was also going to point a modified version of what Dan (0505AM) has to say: sure, these things are good for the left because they fund raise off them and rally their base, but so does the pro-gun side. Literally within hours of the shooting I had fund raising emails from the Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. I've only had one from the 2AF, but several from the GOA.

      I'm sorry, but dancing in the blood of the victims is disgusting no matter who does it. The whole political theater that unfolds whenever there's a shooting is just unbearable.

  2. It is also time to remind people that Israel has had zero school shootings/bombings/etc. since they began allowing armed relatives, teachers, and other volunteers, to patrol the schools. No terrorist incursions at all, from what I have read.

  3. We can wonder about the causes of shootings for days and will never be sure of the why's. Is it the cultural changes? Is it all the psychotropic meds? Is it 'mind control' from the CIA? Anyone's guess is as good as another. Preventing someone from choosing to do this, from planning it and from acting out on these plans approaches impossible. IF and that's a big if they say something they might be headed off....or not as was the case here. But otherwise the ONLY solution is to STOP THEM when they start acting. And since they are unlikely to act when LEO are present their victims need to be able to stop them. This means ending the insanity of gun free zones.

    That will NEVER HAPPEN. Because the commie left aren't interested in ending these "shooting sprees". These events are GOOD for them. They serve their agenda. Thus the left will not do ANYTHING that might actually stop them and save lives. The entire raison de etre...the reason for existence of the left is POWER. The ability to control anyone and everything. To achieve this power they MUST disarm their intended subjects. So ANYTHING that serves that agenda is GOOD as far as they are concerned. If I thought the left could actually orchestrate these actions I'd accuse them of it...but I have NO DOUBT they enjoy, celebrate and wish for more shootings like this as it serves their agenda. And remember...the leftists in America are communists. They worship Stalin, Lenin To them
    the death of helpless innocents is NOT A PROBLEM if it serves their agenda. And don't expect to convince the millions of brain dead dem
    voters that guns aren't bad. This group are the ones who eat Tide Pods, who think there are 36 genders, who believe pretty much ANYTHING their idols in power tell them. They are IMMUNE to reason, logic or fact. They exist to solely provide political power to the commie demonrat left.

    The goal of the left is power, this requires "Gun Control" thus the deaths will continue and nothing will be allowed to interfere with them. And the media is the propaganda wing of the communist party in they will be complicit in this.

    1. The Republicans own the State Legislature of Florida, the Governor's office, both houses of Congress, and the Whitehouse. It isn't like they are all fired up to actually accomplish anything, either.

    2. School "gun free zones" aren't about the kids. They're about the guns. IF Democrats cared about the kids, they'd pay to arm teachers.

  4. You don't even need to hire out of work Veterans- many of them already work as teachers. In my building alone, there are 16 staff members. Of them, I am a veteran and paramedic who worked with SWAT for 22 years, as well as being a veteran and IDPA competitor. There are also two other veterans and a retired cop. That is 4 of 16 teachers in one building. There are 12 buildings on campus.
    My wife's school has a total of 60 staff members, and there are at least 4 veterans there. All we ask is that you remove the restriction that allows us to carry everywhere EXCEPT where we are most vulnerable.

    1. And that's squarely on the Florida legislature. These bills have been introduced several times and they always get killed by the "Gun Free Zone" idiots.

      Florida Carry (they aren't much but they're all we've got) immediately sent a letter to the state legislature pushing for ending the Gun Free School Zone idea, allowing carry by guys like you, and suggesting they allocate $1 Million for a training program called FASTER: Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response. In today's reality, $1 Million sounds like chump change. Like it ought to be in some department's discretionary budget to spend.

      Faster Saves Lives

  5. In addition to reading the post at Raconteur Report's, this post from 2015.

    The media is unsurprisingly silent that a lot of the shootings are in the gun free zones that they insisted on creating.

  6. The problem with gun control laws is not that they suddenly confiscate all guns (which they would pass if they could and which would be extremely bad and result in an uprising). The problem is that they intimidate gun owners. They make a maze of laws that every gun owner must thread or face jail, fines and loss of their guns EVEN THOUGH they have done nothing wrong except merely run afoul of some obscure part of a probably unconstitutional gun law. This intimidation is intentional and wears away our rights little by little. They are winning this one folks and we are losing. No matter what you do you are likely breaking a law and if caught they will eagerly prosecute you, unless of coure you are an illegal alien or some other protected group.