Saturday, August 10, 2019

I Don't Know What's Up With All My Fellow Bloggers

I don't what's up with all y'all, but just about everyone had a piece on Jeffrey Epstein's suicide and not one believed it was suicide. 

Come on!  Don't you believe it when New York law enforcement says someone on suicide watch committed suicide?  Don't you trust law enforcement?   New York law enforcement, where there has never once in recorded history been a case of corrupt officers?

I'll have you know that I fully believe that a guy under suicide watch, a guy who wasn't allowed to have anything he could potentially suffocate or harm himself with down to and including chicken bones, can manage to off himself in the few minutes between periods he was actively being watched.  All these deaths they blame on the Clintons are just 60 or so coincidences.  Or else Russian meddling.

I also fully believe that 9/11 was an inside job, because all the Jooos working in the towers took off that day, and besides, steel doesn't soften when it gets flames impinging on it for an hour.   I've seen pictures of the fields around the Pentagon and I damn well know that an airplane is metal and metal just doesn't disappear if it's flown into a building.  People I trust told me there was no debris in the grass outside the building. 

Although I know I talked about the moon landings just a few weeks ago, those were faked.  Yes thousands of people worked on those missions but they're not in on the fake.  Only the very highest levels of NASA knew it was fake.  The Saturn V really did blast off but it stayed in Earth orbit.  Those crews never went to the moon.  Their doubles acted everything out on a sound stage.  Those things that they supposed left on the moon that can be seen or detected from earth like the laser corner reflectors for measuring the distance to the moon very precisely?  Put there by robot lunar rovers, not astronauts. 

And, seriously, if I need to tell you that this whole post was put together as a joke, you need to get out of the house more often.


  1. I live in Nevada....have for decades. I know a couple of people that work casino sports books.... and casinos will allow people to bet on just about anything if it's a widely known event. When Epstein got hooked and booked I asked both of them if they knew of any casinos that would allow betting on Epsteins pending tragic suicide. They both laughed....and both said no casino
    would EVER take such a bet as the odds of him 'committing suicide' were essentially 100%. Casinos make bank on knowing odds. When they won't take a bet
    on something it's a good sign that whatever the event is somebody somewhere has some control over it.

  2. I heard a USMC senior officer(Ret.) who was working in the Pentagon, speak about 9/11. He was driving to work that day and SAW the impact. His quote "It WAS NOT a jet airliner" I met another person who was a USAF officer at the Pentagon. He also saw the impact. He "DAMN RIGHT. It was no airliner. In fact it was an old target drone" Both of these officers quit the service THE NEXT DAY (9/12/2001) carry firearms 24/7 and will have nothing to do with government.

  3. I seen a peanut stand, heard a rubber band
    I seen a needle that winked its eye
    But I be done seen about everything
    When I see an elephant fly
    (What'd you say, boy?)
    I said, when I see an elephant fly

  4. Of course the moon landings were faked, but we did go to the moon. Kubrick filmed the fakes, and he always shoots on location.

  5. I was surprised he committed suicide. Not as surprised as Epstein, but surprised.

  6. Actually you are all wrong. I have it on good authority (no names, no pack drill) that he was spirited away on a UFO with Elvis Presley as the pilot, the Loch Ness Monster as the co pilot and bigfoot as the cabin crew to do the heavy lifting. He is now whooping it up on a secret base on the far side of the moon and will return just as soon as the cosmetic surgery is finished.

    And the King of the Potato people made me say that ...

    Phil B