Saturday, April 4, 2020

No. Just No, the Coronavirus Was Not Caused by 5G Cellular

While poking around on some links on the Kung Flu, Mrs. Graybeard stumbled onto a thread of news stories that are so frankly insane that they just can't be responded to.  People are trying to burn down what they think are 5G Cellular towers because they believe the virus is caused by 5G.  If they believe there's a virus at all and it's not just the 5G.  From Sky News in the UK:
Several videos claiming to show 5G towers on fire were posted to a page on Facebook which was created on Thursday and taken down by the platform on Friday.

Campaign group The Centre For Countering Digital Hate said the first footage was posted to Instagram by a local man under the name of paddymann123 at 10pm and was viewed hundreds of thousands of times.
A different video posted on Twitter on Thursday, showing two men installing 5G cables under a road being berated by a woman claiming that 5G kills people, received 1.6 million views on Twitter.
They also posted this scorecard of 5G towers to be destroyed.

A computer gamer's  website called Respawn First covers some background on the story, “"5G Sucks Oxygen From Lungs" and Causes Corona - Bonkers Conspiracy Theory
5G is being tested around the world as we speak but there are conspiracy theories that claim that 5G is the cause of COVID-19, the Corona Virus. The theory also suggests that 5G sucks the oxygen from the lungs and causes people to drop dead. If this can even be called a theory. Interestingly people are actually believing this.
They include a Twitter video from a Britt Twit who doesn't exactly say 5G sucks the oxygen out.  She says it causes the hemoglobin molecules in blood cells to be unable to bond to oxygen and carry it.  Which makes just as much sense and has just as much evidence as radio sucking oxygen out of the lungs. 

There are people saying the Coronavirus is fake, that it's a plan to wipe out the population carried out by Bill Gates.  Unlike Ted Turner or other self-declared heroes of the environment, I've never seen anyone quote Bill saying he wants to kill off 95% of humanity.  The argument is that Wuhan had their 5G network operable last November and then people started dying.  Therefore it's not the “fake ass virus”, it's the 5G, so I guess there's no such thing as coincidence in the world?  Good thing nobody told them places in South Korea and the US had 5G systems running before Wuhan did, so if it was 5G, the disease would have been in those places first, not in China. 

A guy I used to work with had a saying for times when someone in discussion brought up the most irrational things you'd ever heard; “you just can't argue with logic like that” and you really can't argue with people saying things like that.  Anyone who would say a virus that can be seen in an electron microscope isn't real, or say that viruses in general aren't real, isn't going to understand your evidence and their standards for what constitutes evidence will leave you speechless. 


  1. I saw a tweet the other day that compared steps in technology to every human health issue since the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. Moronic.

    1. Well, in some ways there is a correlation. But it's due to technological advances in travel that allows easier long distance travel.

      That's it. Make travel easier, bugs of all varieties travel farther, faster.

      Anything above that? Well, it must be the work of 'Aliens...'

      What nobody is talking about is China's role in pandemics. Ever since the first opening of the pre-Silk Road, pandemics have spread out of China with their people and their wares. Want to stop many pandemics? Wall off China.

      Yes, a wacky theory, but more scientifically based than '5G be Killin us, Yo!'

    2. Not a wacky theory at all. The Spanish Flu came out of China, as do most of them.

  2. But I do have it on good advice that video killed the radio star.

  3. I'll just put this here The Science Of Why 5G Is (Almost) Certainly Safe For Humans from Forbes. Because I'm going to look for that article someday.

  4. I suppose you're going to tell us that it's not caused by Mexican beer next.

  5. It's sort of like a Donald Trump witch trial, except they're blaming 5G.

  6. The Corona virus attacks cells, and 5G is a cellular system. There! Proof! Now where's my bailout check? With all this manure, there must be a pony around here somewhere.

  7. I once attended a lecture about homeopathy by the Amazing Randy, held at MIT. (Part of the story of homeopathic medicine is that the more dilute the active ingredient, the stronger the claimed medicinal effect. Homeopathic dilutions go up to one part in 10^1500.) When Randy said, there was this guy named "Avogadro", the whole auditorium laughed. Randy said he was not used to getting laughter there.

  8. Human stupidity is a bottomless pit. If there is any characteristic that distributes humans along an axis from mushroom to god, it isn't race. It's intelligence.

  9. Every year the collective IQ of humanity drops. Idiocracy in action.