Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Color Revolution

Let me lead by saying that while I said I didn't feel comfortable with the subject last night, I did several hours of reading and digging into the subject, enough that I think I can be conversant.  Not at all an expert, but maybe I can help a little.  As I said then, if you really want to come up to speed, the article on Revolver is worth the time to read.  

I find that everyone is all over this story.  That article on Revolver links to two more pieces in a three piece series (so far).  The Burning Platform has a piece, linked to three others.  A simple web search brings up many people saying we're in the battlespace prep phase of a Color Revolution here in the US, starting no later than Election Day.  Glenn Beck has devoted hours of radio air time to interviews with people who know about the tactic, and put an hour special show up on YouTube last night. 

The Revolver article talks about the originator of the concept, with this introduction:

This combination of tactics used in so-called Color Revolutions did not come from nowhere. Before Norm Eisen came Gene Sharp—originator and Godfather of the Color Revolution model that has been a staple of US Government operations externally (and now internally) for decades. Before Norm Eisen’s “Playbook” there was Gene Sharp’s classic “From Dictatorship to Democracy,” which might be justly described as the Bible of the Color Revolution. Such is the power of the strategies laid out by Sharp that a Lithuanian defense minister once said of Sharp’s preceding book (upon which Dictatorship to Democracy builds) that  “I would rather have this book than the nuclear bomb.”

It's hard to keep the characters straight because they bounce back and forth, only seemingly having worked in the Bill Clinton or Obama administrations and being Trump haters seems to unify them.  One of Gene Sharp's disciples, Michael McFaul, served as ambassador to Russia under Obama.  McFaul is now one of the group apparently organizing the Color Revolution against the US.  He put together this list of the seven pillars needed to support a Color Revolution (my notes):

1.  Need to start with semi-autocratic regime, not fully autocratic – gives them the ability to say, “he’s a fascist”
2.  Unpopular incumbent leader
3.  United and organized opposition
4.  Effective system (control of media) to convince the public voting was falsified; plants the ideas before the election
5.  Mainstream media to push falsified vote message.  Currently doing battlespace prep
6.  Political organization to flood the streets, protesting election fraud; “thousands to millions in the streets”
7.  Divisions among regime’s military and police – so that they fight each other instead of stopping the attacks in the street.

McFaul put out this tweet that's emphasizing the last pillar.  Concerned that people were seeing it that maybe shouldn't, he deleted it.  But the Internet is Forever:

If you look around, there's battlespace prep everywhere.  A group called Momentum, veterans of Occupy Wall Street - training people to do occupy tactics.  They're training communist groups like BLM and the Sunrise Movement (Green New Deal commies).  You might recall a group called Axios was in the news last week (week before?) talking about how there could be a “red wave” on election day that they overthrow with mail in ballots.  Another group is called Fight Back table.  Their role is “occupy shit, hold space, shut things down – for weeks or months” 

There's more.  You may have heard of a group called the Transition Integrity Project (as in transition after the election).  As always, the name is the exact opposite of what they want.  They feature John Podesta and Bill Kristol,  so it’s “bipartisan.”  Advisors from the Clinton/Obama/Biden teams are war gaming civil war.  In the war game, John Podesta played Team Biden.   He proposed that California, Oregon and Washington (“Cascadia”) secede from the country unless Republicans agree to reform the country: eliminate electoral college, divide California into five states so they have 10 senators, make Puerto Rico a state.   All of which will ensure a conservative will never be president again. 

The Obama administration ran the Color Revolution in other countries.  Sometimes it worked, others it didn't.  I think the highlighted portions of this text, from the Revolver article, sums it up pretty well.  

Considering the people behind the Color Revolution in the US, and the number that have worked for the US at various times, the whole revolution seems to be the Deep State revolting against the American people.  They are mounting a Color Revolution to ensure the American people don't interfere in the election.  As always, they know better than you what you need or want, so shut up and let them rule. 




  1. One way or another, they want power. They will do anything to get it and keep it.

    1. Including funding and enabling both sides, much like the US and USSR in WWII rolling into the Cold War, and raking in the power from both.

      Heads they win, tails you lose.

  2. This is Woodrow Wilson's administrative state that is neither "expert" nor "bipartisan" teaming up with the power, control, and money hungry deep state.

  3. If commies were sane Darwinian competitors then they'd try to set themselves up as kings on the backs of peasants. But most commies aren't sane, they're eaten up with the mental illness of self-loathing. Low-level communist victims get starved to death in the cold and dark because that's what commies actually want; ruining their life makes their self-loathing feel good.

    Rules of engagement are simple. Is a person's actions right here and now adding to the ability to manufacture and retain the things which add up to an abundant material lifestyle? If not, then they're the enemy. Doesn't matter what economic-flavored gobbledygook they're spouting, you don't have to understand it to tell if they're adding to civilization or producing a hazard.

    1. It is even worse than that.

      They desire the humiliation of their victims, pushing those they seek to destroy to first accept a view contrary to their moral principles.

      It has nothing to do with material lifestyle of producer nor beneficiary, it is a matter of good versus evil.

  4. Thanks for doing the research. I tagged all those articles a couple of days ago but haven't read them yet.

  5. Know your enemy. Thanks for the summary and links.

    There is no law, there is only power.

  6. How much CIA money is funding this, either off-book or in the classified budget? To ask that question is to understand why Michael Flynn was set up.

    1. Saw an article somewhere this AM indicating that some of the shock troop groups, BLM Antifa etc, are being funded in part by the Chicom .gov. Maybe this is disinfo designed to deflect scrutiny away from Sorass, as I've not seen Chicom .gov referenced anywhere else. Sometimes there are just too many irons in the fire to keep track of all the plots and sub-plots, which, I'm sure, the traitors are banking on.


    2. There's a guy from the Heritage Foundation, Mike Gonzalez, who says he has documents that BLM founder, Alicia Garza, is teaming with up the Chinese Progressive Association. Garza is working with them through one of her organizations within the BLM network, called "Black Future's Lab."

      Link to same guy at Daily Signal

  7. "He proposed that California, Oregon and Washington (“Cascadia”) secede from the country..."

    I'm not sure I see the down side of that suggestion.

    1. I'd offer to help push all three states westward as hard as we can.

      Their bargaining position that those three states will secede unless Republicans agree to those other conditions is kinda like them offering you a choice of being shot or run through with a sword. How about neither? Either way, the country is essentially dead, it's just a matter of details. I think we waste more money on those states than they're worth, but I don't have numbers.

    2. Don't forget that there is a secessionist movement in Northern California and Southern Oregon. They made headlines not too long ago.
      There was another one in Oregon that ended with Pearl Harbor. Check out the state of Franklin, happened around 1800 I think.
      There have been many such attempts over the years. Several ending with loss of many lives.
      Read up on the anarchists in the early 1900s. They were NOT "peaceful protests".
      TRUTH is stranger that our perception that after the Revolutionary War ended it was all smooth sailing to a peaceful Republic.
      Just heard a story (probably a video) on Tore Says about how the Constitution came to be written. America was NOT peaceful after the Revolution. I was surprised that British troops remained in America after the peace treaty and that the Articles of Confederation were in place sooner than I thought. (I have to verify both of those "facts". I have some doubts.) If I find the video I'll post it.
      Just remember:
      Ecc. 1:9 - There is nothing new under the sun.
      Ecc. 3:1-8 - There is a time for everything.
      The riots we see today are nothing new in America. Silicon Greybeard has lived through as many as I have. I'm from East Los Angeles and remember many of the riots from 1968 onward. We survived those and America will survive these. Americans want to live in peace and prosperity and these anti-Americans will NOT prevail.

  8. I believe If the left is successful in stealing this election, then Texas should succeed or divide up into 5 states. They have definitely started their revolution to overthrow the government.

  9. I believe If the left is successful in stealing this election, then Texas should succeed or divide up into 5 states. They have definitely started their revolution to overthrow the government.