Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Sorry "Reality Czar" - Trans Women Should Not Compete Against Born Women

When Press Secretary Psaki yesterday echoed the literal party line that "trans rights are human rights" I wouldn't argue a bit.  I would argue however that it's fundamentally unfair to biological women to have them compete against biological men, regardless of whatever medical treatments they've had done.  Men who are undergoing treatment, or have undergone it, certainly have a right to compete in athletics, but they need to compete against other men transitioning to being women and not biological women.

Look, this shouldn't be controversial.  People have been studying this forever and Atlantic magazine (of all places) did a summary of results in 2012.  There's a slight complication that both men and women are getting better and faster, but the fact remains that there is a performance difference in athletics between men and women that remains almost unchanged.  In comparisons since around 1950, the records for women are close to 90% of the men's records. 

The ratio of women's to men's records in this event, a 200 m sprint (foot race), has stayed at 0.90 + 0.2 almost continuously since 1955.  The same results hold for swimming events. 

The big name behind several of these studies is Israeli physicist Ira Hammerman. 
Hammerman spoke at the 2010 Wingate Congress of Exercise & Sports Sciences, and he found that this little-known ratio held across all sports.

Running. Swimming. Rowing. Kayaking. Short distance, long distance. Accomplished in teams or attempted alone.These are such diverse events, requiring different parts of the body and diverse types of talent. And yet they all share something: Their women's speed world records are all about 90 percent of their men's speed world records, in both short, middle and long distances.
Hammerman points out that as both men and women have gotten better and faster, women match the records men set decades earlier. The women's world record for racing the butterfly (swimming) in 2012 equaled Mark Spitz's 1967 record for men.

I've blogged many times about watching the Tour de France on TV every July, and still watch a few days out of the month (although since all of my favorite riders aged out of the Tour, I watch less).  The Tour has been running for over a hundred years and tons of records are available.   There has never been a woman competitive in the Tour.  There has been a women's Tour in some form or other since the early 1980s.  First called Le Tour de France Women; then Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale (Grande Boucle translates as Big Loop, a name the Tour has used), and other names.  Suffice it to say no woman has ever outperformed the men.  If women were capable of being competitive against the men, you can bet they'd be in big races. 

Don't expect to see this data anywhere.  All the "Reality Czar" will tell you is that you're being bigoted by thinking what this data says.  They'll declare that there's no difference between trans women and biological women, without giving you actual studies to review.  But why listen to me?  Why not listen to a young woman who's being hammered by these rules?  Or you could read an old post around here on the same topic with some differences in emphasis.


  1. It's worse than that: for all sports, most women's world record holders would be beaten by most any competitors on any men's college team, unless we use the teams from The Braille Institute, or Clown College.

    1. Hey now, the Clown College Basketball team, the Jokesters, has an excellent record, and I won't allow you to besmirch them this way.

  2. I see many female records about to fall. I also believe that damn near every female professional, and college athlete voted for biden. So suck it up girls.

  3. Just create one more class. Freaks, mentally ill and it's events.

  4. Because of Title IX, my daughter played Varsity Boys Lacrosse. The program was so small and new in 2003 that was all there was. She was one of two girls on the team. There is a huge difference between girls lacrosse and boys lacrosse. The girls wear skirts, a mouth guard, and goggles. It is basically upright field hockey. Boys lacrosse on the other hand, is a combination of hockey and full contact football with sticks and a smaller ball. Granted, the girls HAD to be on the team, but no guarantee of on field time. I went to every game, the girls played a fair amount and took their hits like everyone else. One home game, my daughter was offensively charging down field with the ball. She got hammered by two large defenders, one on each side, and hit the ground like a rag doll. The other parents from our school knew who just got hit, and jumped to their feet with a collective gasp. I did not. She got right back up and went after the players that just stole her ball.

    This transgender sports garbage has been going in Kommiecticut for a couple of years. Gropey Joe is taking it national. Many born girls in our state have had their athletic dreams crushed by bio-boys setting new records and stealing state championships. The lawsuits are still in progress. It is a total bastardization of equal rights, and is placating mental illness.


  5. Just wait until the trans-girls start invading the women’s soccer team. As anonymous said, “suck it up, girls”

  6. I posted about this on my own blog just this morning.

  7. On the bright side, all those annoying women's "sports" will disappear.

  8. Fact is that male and female muscular-skeletal characteristics are different. Males have inherent unalterable attributes that make them more physically capable even if they are of the same height and weight as a female. This is a product of evolution and genetics that hormones cannot erase.

    I cannot understand how a transgendered individual can consider competing with biologically female athletes and winning and having any sense of self respect. It is unfair based solely on mechanical advantage due to their being born male.

    In essence it is like a Pro hockey team competitively playing a high school team. Not fair. Not right. No way the superior endowed individuals can take any legitimate satisfaction from doing such a thing.

    If anything, this points to a moral flaw in the transgendered athletes who are unfairly winning. In essence the transgendered people are taking advantage of their opponents. This is actually the equivalent of reverse discrimination that we have seen on college admissions and other arenas. No wonder that the left has no problem with any of this.

  9. The left intends to FORCE the new FALSE reality on us all, make us all bow to it and submit. It is NOT about facts, about reality, about truth. It's about CONTROL...and FORCING us to accept and abide by their absurdities is about exercising and displaying control.

  10. My late father who taught Grade school Physical Education in Miami in the 60’s thru the 70’s would be aghast at the state of the American Public Schools, and America in general. My parents were Democrats and were surprised when I registered as Republican at age 18. I did not like the principles of the Democratic party even then. But today Mom is almost 90 and a solid Republican and Trump supporter. So my family unit has shared values for Donald Trump. Whether we stay Republican or the party leaves us is immaterial. Our Christian faith and conservative values will always drive our decisions.

    I have a 6 yr old Grandaughter that I worry about. So far the 2nd grade curriculum hasnt exposed the kids to the LGBTQ indoctrination and when they do our retirement savings will go to fund a private school for her where such child abuse does not exist.

    Demented Joe has opened the military back up to the transexuals and from what I hear things arent that peachy. Matt Bracken has posted some of what his active duty contacts in the Teams have reported. Im over the hill and every day I wake up is one more that I have to fight the tyranny the Democrats are forcing upon us. If Im going to be labeled as a terrorist for supporting the president of my choice, being an NRA lifer, and flying the Colors on my home, then Im a proud American one.