Friday, January 6, 2012

Sorry. I Got Jo Dee Messina Syndrome

My give a damn's busted

We got DHS playing Stasi at a social security office in Leesburg (got a friend who lives over there).  "Sorry"

We got the debt continuing to pile up, they're trying to raise the debt ceiling, and we're the brokest country in the history of the world - and  BTW, you've got to go watch the video on Borepatch's place.
"Sorry, still nothing".

We got Iran threatening to attack our navy if we sail in the Straits of Hormuz, and provoke war in the region.  Even a partial restriction of the oil out of the region is predicted to bring back oil at $150/barrel and regular at over $4/gallon.
"Let me dig a little deeper.  No still nothing"

My give a damn's busted.  Maybe tomorrow. 
(Jo Dee Messina, courtesy of D'Addario strings)


  1. Yeah, the give a damn thing can only take so much! I understand.

  2. Mine is overwhelmed currently by the fact that we now have a dictator running the country who has stopped even pretending to follow the Constitution he swore to defend and protect, and our elected representatives are making no attempt to stop him whatsoever.

    Still think BO will bother with elections in November? Or will he simply declare himself the winner?

  3. Yeah, busted give a damns. That's how they win:

    I seem to recall the Walker family (1985) and PFC Snuffy (last year) going to military prison for divulging classified info which was far less threatening.

  4. GardenSERF - there's a word for that policy, isn't there? Detente? No. Rapprochement? No, no...

    I think the word was something like... oh, yeah treason... wasn't it?

    And to be fair, if not self-promoting, I did post links to stories about those offenses, I just didn't do a thousand word essay on them, like I usually do.