Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'm Not Really Watching the Circus

I've paid very little attention to the circus going on in the Stupid Party.  I have very little use for the Trump circus, or the various sideshows in the 16 ring circus, but if I'm stuck at my desk for a long period of time, I will listen to talk radio.  That means I hear more of it by osmosis than by going and paying attention to it.  I went into this year knowing a bit about all of them, and thinking I'd probably vote for Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, but either way I had a lot of time to think about it.

Through all of the stuff that's been working its way into my subconscious, one candidate has stood out.  Of course I think Cruz and Paul are good - I expected them to be good.  The one who has snuck into my mind as surprisingly good, and better than I thought they'd be is Carly Fiorina.

Simply, I haven't heard a thing that she has said that hasn't sounded good.  Intelligent, economically wise, advocating points I agree with all the time.  For example, listen to this couple of interview questions on this CNN video posted to the Daily Caller.  Jake Tapper seems incapable of processing the straightforward spoken English; Carly has to clarify what I thought was perfectly understandable.  She recognizes that companies may want to offer more maternity leave as a benefit, to make the company more attractive to applicants.  I've heard her rail against over-regulation, and how much that costs businesses; that's a subject I almost preach about all the time. 
I don't know much about her and with six months (?) until our primary, I'm not suggesting I'd vote for her.  All I really know is that Carly was the CEO of Hewlett Packard when the company broke up.  I don't know much about the company and what it was going through.  I had an officemate about 10 years ago who had worked for HP at the time and he didn't think much of her, but I can't say that means anything.  (For the record, if the CEO of a place I worked for was running and I told you I didn't think much of him, you'd be 100% correct to wonder if I knew anything about anything).  Her not being a politician is good.  Being someone who worked in the private sector is really good.  Having real world business experience is the complete opposite of the just about everyone in the current administration and I'm thinking anything that's the complete opposite of the current clowns would be a good thing.  Of the major non-politicians in this race, Carly, Dr. Ben Carson (whose biography we bought in the late '90s), and Trump, I think I'd go with Carly without any need for long, deep analysis. 


  1. Please step away from the ballot box. Ann B had it right. Seriously, how much money has Ms. F given to the Minutemen or AZBR groups to help stop illegal immigrants? Is she ok with sending about 30 million of them packing? I think we should use retired vets to send everyone fcking home.

    Voting will not get us out of this mess and electing corporate lackeys ain't gonna help either. Local Local local and stop voting it's a damn waste of time. There is no end of idiots who are willing to help decide how to spend "budgets" at the National, State and Local levels. Thank you for your blog and apologies if my rant seems over the top, I mean no disrespect.

  2. I really like Scott Walker. Yes he is a politician, but has survived some pretty nasty shit.

  3. Scott "Walker".
    As in, "George Herbert WALKER Bush".

    I'm not voting "against" anybody next time.

    Rand Paul...maybe, but he'll never get the nomination.

    Bush...tried that twice.
    There should be a lifetime limit per generation of 6 years in any office where a ballot is involved.
    Same with "getting a government paycheck". No permanent government jobs, at any level. From dog catcher to President...everything in between. While I'm dreaming, I want a Mustang. As in, a P51, and the land to land it on...armed...ammunition...a couple tankers of

    Where was I...

    Probably just going to wish there was a "NO" option, or "None of the Above".

    Maybe next time around that can be in a revised Constitution if that ever happens.

  4. Andrew - Walker is a pretty common name. Do you know they're related? Got a link?

  5. What do obama, mccain, & cruz have in common?

    NONE of them meet the constitutional requirement to be a "natural born" citizen, previously necessary to be president.

    US citizens they are indeed, but that is only one half of the requirement.

    It is truly amazing, the progression from Juan Mclame, panamanchurian candidate, to obama the halfrican, to cruz - born a Canadian citizen of exiled Cubans.

    Yes, the NWO has succeeded in destroying this, and many other requirements.


  6. Speaking as the son of a longtime HP employee who knows many other HP and (former) Compaq employees, Fiorina talks a good talk, but she absolutely gutted HP and Compaq to provide short-term stock price bumps, raked in tons of cash including a lot of legally-dubious expenses, then walked away with a golden parachute. She slashed R&D, forced a merger with a Compaq which had nearly identical product lines (reduced competition), then laid off huge swaths of employees from both companies. She took HP from being a tech development leader that also made PCs and printers to being a consumer product also-ran that hasn't come up with much original in the last decade. Those actions did pop the stock price nicely and make her and a lot of other people a good short-term profit, but it was done at the expense of the long-term growth of the company.

    Someone who will sacrifice the long-term good of the organization she leads for short-term personal profit and accolades sounds an awful lot like... a typical politician. She is universally hated by the people who worked for her.