Sunday, August 23, 2015

Info Bleg

I've been wearing electronic hearing protection for shooting for a few years, now.  These are over the ear protection and they can make it hard to get a good cheek weld. Or, like Mrs. Graybeard, recoil knocks her hearing protection out place on every shot. 

I'd like to get a pair of electronic in-the-ear-canal plugs, but I don't know who's good.  I've seen some at a couple of hundred$, and I'd prefer to keep it in the price range more like this ($50-ish) and less like this ($400-ish).  And for darned sure not like this.  (Yeah, I know.  It's Orvis; what do I expect?)

Anybody have any favorites?  In-the-ear, active electronic hearing protection. 

Today was a maintenance day around the house.  Had to install some upgrades to software in a couple of places, which always seems to take more time than it's supposed to.  Had to do some work around the house, but only about an hour outside.  Miscellaneous junk like that. 


  1. I too am quite interested in hearing (ugh) replies on this one. Thanks in advance!

  2. Not quite what you are looking for, but I really like the results I get when using Surefire EP4 earplugs under my Howard Leight electronic earpro. I can turn the electronics up enough to hear like normal, and with the plugs completely block the extremely fine static/whine that all of them I have tried seem to have (maybe it's me?) that drives me nuts; if the muffs get knocked off it is no big deal since I have plugs on anyway.

  3. For shooting 22 rifles, I really like the mechanical bandpass filter types in the custom molded earplugs. They also limit clamp at 85 dBA for impulsive noise. But, they also allow hearing conversations, too. Cheek weld is a breeze, too. They provide about 29 dB protection. For center fire, or magnum pistol, though, I also stack on Peltor tactical electronic earmuffs, which are low profile, on top of the custom molded earplugs. Get a good cheek weld that way too. That pushes the total up another 6+ dB.

    The mechanical types run $75 without the mechanical filter/clamp. They run $85 with the mechanical bandpass filter and mechanical clamp. No batteries. Work great. A club member at PMRPC custom makes them. They work great at two day Appleseeds, eliminating ear soreness from wearing muffs for two days while instructing.

  4. I'm not (yet) a big fan of electronic hearing protection. However, there are some products on the market that filter certain frequency ranges passively.
    When I'm shooting long guns and my preferred muff style hearing protection gets in the way, I use military Combat Arms ear plugs - they have a yellow end for high frequency impact noises (gunfire) that allows conversation through well, and a green side for lower frequency continuous noise (vehicles and heavy machinery), with no moving parts or batteries.