Friday, August 7, 2015

Sometimes I Can Be Really Late to a Party

When I first started reading gun blogs, before I joined in and created this one, one of the first things I heard about was a book called Monster Hunter International.  If I recall correctly, everyone was nuts about the book.  I even recall reading a sample of the book which was most of the first chapter.  Still didn't buy it. 

I had things to do!  People to annoy!  I needed to read serious stuff. 

You can probably see where this is going.  I don't recall when it was, but sometime within the last few months, Larry gave away the Kindle version of the first book.  I finally got around to reading it.  Everyone was right and I was wrong to have waited so long to read it.  Just a fun, relaxing, laugh-out-loud, read.  For a guy who goes to see every Marvel Universe movie: from Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor to Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man, it's a natural.  I see the Monster Control Bureau as like the Men In Black (the good first one, not the lame sequels).  Throw in a bunch of explosions, guns by the ton, and what's not to like?

Now the question is whether I get Kindle or dead tree format for the rest. 


  1. Welcome to the fun, heh. Evil lurks, cowboy up, kill it, get paid. Also Larry himself is just the best.

  2. Did you know MHI Cosplay is not allowed at Cons? Apparently they have a thing against people actually carrying real firearms and blowing s*** up at the hotels.
    We do win the most realistic cosplay costume though

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  4. Since you can often get dead tree books for less than a dollar (+$3.99 shipping per book), if it is something I _really_ enjoy, I'll often get both, for the convenience of being able to take a good-sized library with me anywhere, and also to add to my physical library should both of my laptops go TU.

    Plus, there is an atavistic thrill to reading a paper book with my feet up and the wood stove going full-blast during the winter. Uh, I guess that really isn't an option there in the Melbourne area, is it? :-)

  5. As an old lover of the physical book, who was certain that he'd never be able to tolerate e-readers, allow me to register a vote in favor of the Kindle.

    Amazon has done very well by readers with this device, especially the Fire HD version. Reading with it is a pleasant and convenient experience -- and thank God for that. I already own nearly 13,000 physical books, and was contemplating buying a second house so that they could have my first one to themselves.

    Many things can be said about the other aspects of Kindle ownership, but as a long-time book lover (and the owner of a computer network that would turn several of my former employers green with envy), the reading experience is paramount. I can't recommend it highly enough.

  6. Some years ago I got a suggestion to read a novel called Monster Hunter International. It was self published and if I remember right, cost about seventeen dollars. I thought it was a great read and have been an avid Correia reader since then. Larry graciously signed my copy of his self published novel at a bookstore signing. He is as nice a guy and as interesting in person as you would think.

    The MHI movies could be great, but depends on who in Hollywood does them.

    One of the little mentioned great things about the Kindle is that I can change the font size to make things easier to read. (old eyes)

    My Kindle is a fairly current paperwhite wite 3g and wifi. The first kindle died and Amazon did a fairly good job of replacing the long out of warranty Kindle with a newer refurb at a reasonable cost.

    Almost all of my reading is done on the Kindle because of the ease of font size adjustment, and it seems easier on my carpal tunnel problems.

    And on a repeating note, when I replaced the expensive solid wheelbarrow tire that deteriorated with a much cheaper Harbor Freight solid tire, I used the metalworking lathe to make the centering spacers from PVC pipe.

  7. You drank the Kook-Aid. Welcome to the family of Corriea-worshipers. Get both versions, electronic and dead-tree, and have Larry sign the dead-tree versions when he does a signing in the area. And then read his Hard Magic series.

  8. I bought a Kindle Fire HD when they first came out, wanting something bigger than an iPhone to read on. I still read more on my phone than on the Kindle or any other device, simply because I get more built in breaks during the day at work waiting for a meeting to start or something when I can just read a little. At home, I read on the bigger screen. I'm with you, Francis, I never thought I'd make the switch to an ebook format, but now I only get dead tree format for things I'll want to keep as references. I'm sitting in front of two ceiling to floor x 3' wide bookshelves, and there's another two less than 10' away. And more bookshelf storage around the "compound".

    Reg, if it ever gets to the point a fire is practical around here, the the New Ice Age glaciers will be down past Kentucky. There are many fireplaces around here; a lot of folks love them. In warm winters, I've had friends tell me they turned their air conditioners as cold as the house will go, and started a fire so they could use it!

  9. And don't forget the audible version for those times trapped in the car. Larry's books have great narrators that bring the books to life.

  10. "Larry's books have great narrators that bring the books to life."

    I wonder what the PUFF would be on a book that's been brought to life.

    Meanwhile, I know a young woman who bears a remarkable resemblance to Holly Newcastle's description.... :-D

  11. I can't seem to leave well enough alone, so here I go:

    One thing that worries me about Kindle - and I have a fondness for their format - is the fact that because of DRM - digital rights management - you pay for, but don't _own_ the book. There was an incidenta few years back, IIRC, where copyright on a classic book was questioned, and the book was removed from _every_ Kindle library. No one was asked to return the book, no discussion. Everyone who had it in their library discovered it was gone.

    Admittedly, a very rare occurrence. I don't believe I have heard of another. Nonetheless, if it were the only version of a book I truly loved - like Unintended Consequences (by John Ross), For the President's Eyes Only (by Richard Sale), On Broken Wings (by some guy whose name escapes me. Zooey? No, Franny :-) - I'd be really upset if DRM were invoked and I was deprived of my only copy.

    There are a couple of software hacks which are supposed to be able to de-DRM the books you buy (only to be used on the ones you acquired legally, free for downloading or purchased), but they don't seem to work for me in the Mac OS environment.

    So I'll buy dead tree stock too, when I am able, for the books I would rather not be without.