Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On That Mail Server Problem

Another story I haven't paid that much attention to is the Hildebeest's mail server story, because I can't believe that there's any chance any member of the highly inbred ruling class could possibly go to jail for a crime they committed.  But H/T to Karl Denninger for pointing out something:
There are reports that out of the few (something like 40!) emails examined so far two were not only classified, they were TS/SCI at the time they were sent -- that is, (literally) "above Top Secret."
Or to quote from the Fox News story he linked to:
The flurry of activity came after Charles McCullough, the inspector general, notified senior members of Congress that two of four retroactively classified emails found on Clinton's server were deemed "Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information" — a rating that is the government's highest classifications. [Note: the word is usually given as "Compartmentalized" - SiG]
Like most engineers in this country, I've spent some time in the world of classified information, and have held clearances like this.  This is a Big Deal.  Is it bigger than having getting the US Ambassador to Libya killed, probably over running guns to Al Qaeda?  The first US Ambassador killed in over 30 years?   In my book, it could be, because TS/SCI information can potentially cover "sources and methods" - the kind of information that can compromise many people and shut down intelligence operations completely.  On the other hand, if Hillary is willing to off an Ambassador, what respect do you think a mere field agent would get?  (here, I'm assuming it was her)

As always with the ruling class, if one of us "country class" people did this, we'd be handcuffed and perp walked faster than you can say, "Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmentalized Information".  But as I said up top, I just can't imagine that any member of the ruling class, let alone a Clinton, would ever have to pay penance for any crime they committed that would get the rest of us imprisoned for life. 


  1. Yep, I'm very familiar with that level of classification, too.

    At one of my former employers we were given classes yearly, and at another we had classes quarterly.

    But seeing as it's The Clinton Dynasty, what's a little treasonous activity among friends, eh?

    Just another new activity on their scorecard of fraud, theft, murder, obstruction of justice, perjury and contempt.

    Pardon me if I missed a few of their "activities".....

  2. That secret material could be emailed ever regardless of government server or personal server is incredibly stupid. Who would allow this on the internet? Certainly everyone with an IQ above 100 knows that the internet is not safe and also knows the Chinese, Russians and everyone else is trying to get to this stuff. IMHO who ever allows this should go to jail. Not just Hillary but anyone in government with authority to make that decision and puts it in an email or on any computer connected to the internet should be charged with a crime.

  3. Agreed!

    This is what separate, secure networks, with "air gaps" to the Internet are for.

    Even VPNs aren't good enough security.....

  4. The probability of the Hilderbeast doing the perp walk is directly proportional to the possibility of Uncle Joe (actually Jarret and Obozo) finally making up his mind and deciding that he'll run.

    Everybody needs to remember the absolute red eyed monster hate between the Clintoon and Obozo camps during the '08 election cycle. IMO, The O and Hillz would reenact the Karate fight from The Manchurian Candidate in a NY minute if left alone together.

    I think the FBI has their marching orders to make sure they cross every 't' and dot every 'i' to ensure Hillz takes a perp walk. I think this because I have the suspicion that Biden has been maneuvered into deciding to run. We shall see.

    Biden would be a marionette played by Jarret and Obozo as they ran things from behind the curtain. Since Obozo made his '3rd Term' comment, he doesn't really want to 'retire'. Moochelle, can run around on permanent vacay for all he cares, but Obozo and Jarret like the power too much.

  5. Having Hillary convicted and sent to the big house would make it OK with me to have Biden as president. Then for the next four years that I had to watch the fool on TV I would think of Hillary doing time. I think Bill would secretly be happy too.

  6. I do not know of any competent IT types who would not: 1)configure a server housing critical data with RAID, at least RAID 1 and, more likely, RAID 5, and; 2)establish a backup regimen with off-site storage of the backup media.

    Scrubbing drives is easy, and there are various methods of eliminating unwanted data from drives of almost any RAID configuration, a couple of which can eliminate data with no trace the data ever existed and no indication any data was deliberately eliminated. Backups, however, are a different animal; they consist of both full data backups (usually done weekly) and incremental (daily backups of whatever data was added in the previous 24 hours. It's chiseled in stone that said backups are never kept in the same location as the server because fire, tornado, flooding (including broken pipes), etc.

    So where are Hillary's data backups? I've not heard the word "backup" mentioned in any of the discussions, no matter the source of the discussion.

    It's possible that there are no backups because either none were ever created or the backups that were created have been "lost" a la Lois Lerner-type calamities. Whatever the truth is in either of those options should weld Hillary's candidacy coffin shut - anyone who is either so incompetent or corrupt to not create routine backups, or destroy them, should not be allowed to drive by the White House much less live there.

  7. "Perp Walked"?
    You assume that, had you done this, you survive the TWAT raid's multiple, at gunpoint "commands" during the midnight "Raid".
    "Freeze!""ON THE FLOOR!" "HANDS UP!"
    THEN maybe you get "Perp Walked" once your wounds are healed.

  8. Andrew - where I worked, I wouldn't have made it out the door to go home for that raid to ever get launched.

    The privilege the ruling class gets is way beyond anything mere mortals get.