Thursday, August 20, 2015

World's Largest Smugness Generator

I've backed a project or two on Kickstarter, so I get their weekly emails on Thursdays.  Today's email floored me with two incredible smugness generators aimed at the greenies.  The biggest is a Steam Ring generator for the world's cleanest power plant.   The text reads:
By 2017 the citizens of Copenhagen will not only be able to ski down the cleanest power plant in the world - their perceptions of what a power plant can be will be challenged by an art piece that raises awareness of our carbon emissions. The world’s first steam ring generator will puff out a steam ring for every ton of CO2 burned in the plant.
Wait... whut?  "Every ton of CO2 burned in the plant"?  CO2 doesn't burn.  If they figured out a way to burn CO2, I have to confess that would be pretty darned remarkable.

The whole thing blows my mind.  They're going to generate steam to blow rings?  Steam is valuable stuff, in the industrial sense.  It sure isn't lying around doing nothing; it shouldn't be waste.  It's not waste heat from the plant because the Kickstarter page is to design the steam ring generator itself.  Some sort of energy has to be used to heat water to generate steam; are they going to burn fossil fuels?  No,.. wait.  It says something about that plant being the "cleanest power plant in the world", so that must mean it's going to be nuclear.  A nuclear powered steam generator for ... an aesthetic project? 

When something makes that little sense, I figure its purpose in life is to be a smugness generator, so the people around the power plant can feel just so much better than those other people.  They're using clean energy and are showing you just how much cleaner they are than you.  How much is smugness worth to you? 
Artist's conception - from the Kickstarter project page.


  1. I donated to that video on fracking (FrackNation), exposing the lies about the supposed damage done by fracking. I do wonder, from time to time, how many Bernie Madoffs might be using Kickstarter to scam some bucks. If they are getting those bucks from ignorant Greenies, more power to them! Fewer bucks donated to Hillary and the rest of the Leftist scum/agenda.

  2. Likewise, I donated to FrackNation, and also to that Biolite base camp, wood burning stove that generates electricity. It has never worked out well at that for me, but it is a decent camp stove.

    The other one I almost wrote about was just weird. A little AC outlet adapter that you plugged into your wall, and you (whatever) into. It's purpose? To signal the "smart grid" that you want to pay more for solar energy for this outlet so send you watts from Photovoltaics!

  3. So, we waste energy to point out where others are releasing a gas that we claim contributes to global warming without any proof? Sounds about right for the Greenie Left!

  4. Not to mention that water vapor is an order of magnitude worse than CO2 as a "greenhouse gas."