Thursday, December 8, 2016

Looks Like The Russians Are Back

Привет  I was taking a look at my blog stats today for a totally unrelated reason and noticed a large spike in visitors from Russia, similar to what a few of us saw when I wrote about this last August.  The #2 country visiting my blog is Russia this week.  It's not as big as that week, when Russia actually took the #1 spot, but check this from about two hours ago:
If I look at the numbers for last month, that number of Russian visits go up only by about 60, so all of those 5294 are within the last week.  I can tell from Blogger that they're all not today but no more details.

The makeup of page views is unremarkable in that the most viewed post is last week's post on Employment vs. Robots, which didn't mention Russia in any way.  It's hard for me to see anything unusual here, and I have to wonder if it's a Google artifact.  If any visitors from Russia would care to leave a comment on what they came to read about, I'd appreciate it.  Or, as the translator in the Bing search engine says:
Если посетителей из России позаботили бы оставить комментарий на то, что они пришли, чтобы прочитать о, я ценю это.
Last August, both Sense of Events and Abode of McThag reported the same thing, then several people said they were seeing a spike from Russia in the comments.


  1. I'm getting them again too. But France is still my #1 customer. I've no idea why I'm popular in France!

    1. France is usually my #3 or so. US, Canada, France; it moves around after US and Canada.

  2. I'm seeing a lot from Russia and have for months. Seeing a lot from France in the last week.

  3. They're probably merely trying to get some honest info, and realize they won't find any at ABCNNBCBS or their dead-tree fellow travelers.

    Nor at Fox as well, these days...

  4. I think what is happening is a fishing expedition. Russia and China use the web to steal ideas and now they have expanded their searching beyond the obvious sites. After all the most recent Chinese stealth fighter was built with 100% stolen plans and info from U.S. manufacturers and government sites.

  5. The fact that it's Russian bots doesn't really make it that much less interesting. Bots are programmed to look for something, so why on blogs? Is the program "look everywhere, no matter how obscure"? That would be the only programming that makes sense. There's no other reason for them to be going through blogger sites.

  6. I think because you put some technical stuff and keywords in your posts that it gets fished more. If it were simply gossip and silly stuff a couple of looks would tell them that.

  7. Got about 3700 last week. Slightly more than from the USA.