Wednesday, May 10, 2017

.02 on the Comey Firing

I guess I'll contribute my two cents on Trump's firing of James Comey, like so many other folks are doing.

My only complaint about the actual firing is that it should have happened around Inauguration Day or weekend.  Maybe by robocall as soon as the Oath of Office had been administered.  "Hello Director Comey, this is a recorded message from your President Trump.  You're fired.  This has been a recording".

I try to be consistent here, and in life in general.  I said Comey had made the FBI a laughingstock after his July Cop Out last summer, in a piece on July 6th
The director of the FBI has singlehandedly struck a mortal blow to the rule of law in America and simultaneously turned the FBI into a laughing stock agency that no one can possibly take seriously anymore.  We have transitioned into that dangerous territory of a nation Without Rule of Law.
I stayed consistently hard on him throughout the campaign.  Like in early October when he complained people were calling him a weasel
You don't carry water for anyone? Listen, Director Weasel, I've had those clearances and I don't believe for a nanosecond that I would have been treated like Hillary. I don't know anyone who has had those clearances who feels they would have been treated that way.
You hung the weasel name tag around your own neck. Don't get mad at us for using it.
Or in late October, when there was an article that he was sick of the beating he was getting for being such a weasel.
Maybe I watched a bit too much of Efrem Zimbalist Jr. during my junior high and high school days, but his lack of spine was disgraceful for an FBI agent, let alone director.  As I said before, everyone may assume that he went full weasel on this because of concern for showing up dead, but I thought guys in his position weren't supposed to be so easily intimidated.
I checked my reactions when conservatives were supposed to suddenly love the guy, when he did his couple-of-days reversal on Hildebeest.  Just to make sure I didn't suddenly act as though I liked the guy.  I think I did OK.  
Does this matter?  In a reality where Comey thoroughly discredited the FBI (and then gets mad when everyone talks about them being weasels), it's hard to say.
If there's one thing I hate with a burning rage about modern politics is that it has turned into some sort of crappy substitute for a team sport.  You know: when "their guy" does something it's the most horrible thing in the history of History, but if "our guy" does the same thing, then it's no big deal.  Along that line of thinking, there's the predictable outrage of people defending Comey who were calling for his firing a few months ago.  There's a recording from last night where Colbert tells the audience the breaking news of Comey's firing and they cheer.  Colbert is aghast saying something like "Huge Trump supporters here!"  Rush suggested it's not that they're Trump supporters, but because they can't keep track of whether they're supposed to love him, like last July when he let Hillary get away with all those felonies, or hate him like when they decided he cost her the election.  I think he might be right. 
Can't resist the Ramirez cartoon - for the third time. 


  1. Yes indeed, I would be cracking rocks in Leavenworth if I did half of the criminal behavior the Hildebeast seems to have gotten away with. The skating around Comey did to justify not prosecuting her is disgusting. Rot in hell Comey.

  2. Comey never was an FBI agent. He spent his life as a prosecutor. It would be useful is they could drain the swamp of the proteges that he promoted - and find somebody with actual experience to be the director.

  3. He should have fired Andrew McCabe too. This will come back to bite him. McCabe is a politician who wants to scuttle Trump. Now he will have a chance to do that.

    1. Yeah, for the idiots who say firing Comey was all about the "Russia collusion" BS, why would he fire him and replace him with McCabe?

      They really think Trump is some kind of Special Needs president. So stupid he can't breath without an instruction book.

  4. I'm in your camp SiG. All I can say is "It's about about frick'in time!!" But don't worry about McCabe. His "interim" stint will be short lived, if only a few days. And then the new FBI Director will name his own Assistant which will put McCabe out in the Everglades where he belongs with his slimy wife.

  5. I saw a snippet of this on Ace of Spades HQ (I wouldn't watch Colbert voluntarily) and thought the quick fashion change was so high school. Thought-control management in high contrast super graphic. This article sums the situation up perfectly: Comey, Colbert and Orwell

    1. When Sultan Knish (Daniel Greenfield) has the same conclusion we know we're right. Colbert's audience thought they were still supposed to hate Comey. The switch to suddenly supporting him was too fast. All the lefty acolytes didn't realize they were not supposed to want him fired.