Monday, May 29, 2017

While You're Enjoying Your Holiday

Let me join the chorus of folks saying that while you're enjoying your day, be it beach, barbecue, pool or whatever, take a moment to think of and thank those who have given their all in service to us.  Some don't get that chance.
I stumbled across this October 2013 picture last year while looking for a Memorial Day image.  If I read that caption correctly, Ms. Sayne was visiting her husband's grave when taps sounded from another funeral in process, causing her to almost roll up into a little ball.  Her pain is palpable in the picture.

For most of us it's a day of picnics, family get togethers and more cheerful things: "the unofficial start of summer".  This year, I decided to try to smoke a Texas-style beef brisket.  Most people will tell you these are harder to get just right than making pulled pork, which Mrs. Graybeard and I get pretty well.  I've done a couple of briskets but they haven't come out "just right" and I'm always searching for better.  The last time I made pulled pork, I got out of bed at 4:00 to get the smoker going.  Last night, I put the brisket in at midnight, and just catnapped overnight; 2 hours here and there (and some of that was actually napping with the cat).  I probably got no more than four hours sleep.   At just about 2:30 EDT, it looks like it will be the right internal temperature around 3 PM. 


  1. Commemorations - critical.
    Remembrance - essential.

    But when it comes to beef brisket, the pre-marinated brisket at Costco is very difficult to beat. AND you needn't spent the night hovering over the cooker. Before you beat me like an unwanted stepchild, try it. It's good. It may not be Texas smoke house delicious, but it produces a respectable bark and it's juicy and good.

    1. Our closest Costco is about 70 miles away, so we've never tried them. This was a naked brisket from BJ's Wholesale Club; our closest BJ's has an actual butcher, like stores used to. While the local grocery stores rely on everything coming from the central warehouse and just sell everything already packaged, BJ's will cut steaks, ribs or whatever just the way you want them.

      The main reason for spending the night hovering is keeping a good supply of smoke. Although I have a smoker setup that will (theoretically) smoke for six hours, I find the chips will stick to the walls of the chute that drops them down onto the heater. I need to go poke the chips to get them to fall and get smoke generation going again. It's like a fireplace poker.