Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Steven Crowder - It's Not Time for Unity, It's Time for An Alliance

As in the Allied powers of WWII.  Steven Crowder takes a break from writing comedy for his channel to do a video on the attack in Manchester last night . 

Like most of us, I'm sickened by the murder of innocents in the UK; this time young girls.  Apparently a venue full of girls in the (I've read) 10 to 20 age group was chosen as a way to outrage westerners, because in their minds if some "westerner" goes and kills a random mooslim, that will cause the so-called "moderate" mooslims to endorse Isis and cause the battle for the end of the world they're trying to create.  That it's a sick, twisted view of the world is an understatement.

Crowder wrote an accompanying piece for the Blaze with some highlights.  
If you want to practice Islam in the inconsequential, semi-secular sense. Fine. But the only way to solve this problem is to recognize that POLITICAL Islam and anyone who follows its prescription is inherently incompatible with Western values.

That means:

  • Want sharia courts?  You’re not welcome.
  • Think it’s okay to marry a six year old?  You’re not welcome.
  • Think it’s okay to strike your wife for ANY reason?  You’re not welcome.
  • Believe in ANY kind of punishment for apostasy?  You’re not welcome.
  • Believe in ANY kind of punishment for “blasphemy”?  You’re not welcome.

  • These are the kinds of values that progressives would defend against any radical Christians who believe any of the above. And rightfully so. So why can’t we all agree on these universally? Anyone who holds any of those beliefs is by definition, incompatible with the Western world.

    People are giving President Trump crap for calling them “losers.” Listen, the guy isn’t eloquent, but he’s right. These terrorists fear shame more than death. It’s why Abu Ghraib was such an outrage when American, female soldiers stripped them naked and laughed at them while dogs barked. To them, that is a far greater punishment than death or even torture. If any American received said treatment at the hands of ISIS, we’d thank the Lord above that we weren’t being burnt alive in cages. We don’t merely punish terrorists through death. We punish them through shame.

    At least ONE leader is willing to give it the old college try. So today, I stand with the president of the United States instead of trying to mince words on social media and virtue-signal about how much “unity” we need. We don’t need “unity”. We need an alliance. There’s a difference.
    For as bad as the attack was, Miguel at GunFreeZone posts a twitter capture that may just be worse, at least as a warning sign.
    British journalist Katie Hopkins posts a message that sure lines up with my view.  "Western men.  These are your wives.  Your daughters.  Your sons.  Stand up.  Rise up.  Demand action.  Do not carry on as normal.  Cowed."  For which she's reported to the police for "inciting racial hatred" - hate speech - by SJW DarrenB.

    That is probably worse than the attack itself. The attack was awful, but it’s the deliberate actions of a bunch of evil murderers trying to incite a war.  Evil is as evil does.

    The response, though, is the DarrenB saying “Kill a few more of my daughters. Have you tried raping my wife?  Take over the country and I’ll be your slave.”

    It's the Death of the West in one Twitter exchange. 


    1. We need to understand (as Crowder points out) that we tolerate all faith, but political Islam extends out beyond faith and it must not be permitted to exist as we see it today. So long as activist judges can block any law on a whim, nothing will be done. And there we are. Radical Islam understands the ease with which we can be thwarted.

    2. The Catholic church was the first multinational corporation. It too is a protection racket masquerading as a religion, it's just better at world conquest than its competitor desert religions. Today environmentalists and SJW promote the same messages of self-loathing, self-denial, and rule by the priesthood. The differences between religion and politics are superficial and cosmetic. It's all just politics.

      1. Bull feces. You obviously know nothing about islam if you can make these claims. Feel free to continue displaying your ignorance. The rest of us will enjoy the comic relief of reading such trash from someone who simply remains clueless.

    3. There is a certain eloquence in blunt, frank speak, at least to me.

      Just think of one of the most eloquent refusals of surrender ever made by modern man. "Nuts." Says it all. Speaks volumes in emotion and factual statement.

      "Losers" is a word that the normal person can understand. And one that burns the souls and minds of the bad guys.

      Trump doesn't say 30 words where one works, unlike some previous administration we all know about. And he means it, unlike some previous administration we all know about.

      I mean, you can use all sorts of allegorical statements and scientific mumbo jumbo to talk about that patch of black mold that you find in your house, or you can just say "Black Mold" and everyone understands that you have a problem that can kill you and you need to take care of it right away.

      And, really, the word "losers" is probably the most polite word he could have used. Me, I have a potty mouth and like to use curse words like they are some version of free verse poetry.

    4. Keep smoking dope and spewing shit, anon. YOU are the red herring.

      This is a typical leftist/socialist tactic: divert, confuse, conflate. We aren't talking about the Catholic church's transgressions; we aren't talking about the Episcopal church's involvement with radicals. We're talking about Islam, as a political force, and radial terrorism as a political tool. All the shit you mentioned above, the Inquisition, the genocide of Native Americans (a practice they, themselves, participated in prior to European arrival), are all ancient history (how come you didn't throw the Crusades in there? Did you forget about that old saw, Barack?).

      Name ONE mass murder attack perpetrated by Christians in the last 15 years. You can't. All done by mohammedians.

      Find the mosque. Arrest and deport or imprison the imam. Bulldoze the building and fence off the lot. Repeat until this shit stops. Chase the losers away.

    5. Name ONE mass murder attack perpetrated by Christians in the last 15 years.

      That would be the last time a wedding in the Middle East has been blown up by a missile from a US military drone. I'm talking about Christianity, as a political force, and radical terrorism as a political tool. Our technology level is much higher because we're not losers, but the moral "what" and "why" and "who" of the attacks isn't any better.

    6. "There is plenty of bad behavior by Christians. The Spanish Inquisition. Genocide of American Indians."

      There was no "genocide" of American Indians. Almost all of the fighting was a handful of Indians against a handful of immigrants or vice versa. There were a few military battles but even then the losses were low on both sides. In the entirety of the fight between the immigrants and the Indians arguably the Indians killed more immigrants than vice versa. There simply was no genocide but rather a long 400 year) history of small fights between the two factions.

    7. It was only the indigenes' somewhat limited immune systems stemming from the quite low numbers of founders that permitted their conquest by Europeans. Accidental mass deaths from Old World epidemic diseases that knocked off up to 90% of population in 1500's.

      1. It isn't "exactly" accurate to quote that often quoted point that the Indians had no immunity to diseases brought over from Europe. Those diseases did indeed kill a lot of Indians and in some cases entire tribes of Indians. But there was no "inherent" immune resistance in the Europeans. In fact the immigrants lost more of their population to these disease than the Indians did. About half of all children born until around 1900 died before age 18 from these diseases.

        What made the difference for the Indians was that in a lot of cases adult white immigrants had already been exposed to these diseases and were survivors. So when their children got sick there were still adults around who did not get sick who could provide some care for them. In tha case of the Indians typically the entire tribe or group would get sick at one time and surviving was more difficult with no one to get and prepare food or bring water etc.

        So while the "immune system" point isn't exactly true; that is the immune system of a new born Indian or immigrant was the same. Neither one had any resistance to these diseases.

    8. It is apparent that the propaganda wing of the muzzle murderers is busy trying to muddy the waters and hide the truth about their savagery. The "anonymous" idiot spewing garbage here is one. Kenny "Wirecutter" Lane has had one pissing all over his blog and several other bloggers are being afflicted by these enablers suffering from delusional verbal diarrhea.

      1. For sure, Dan. I figured "troll" and one of the first laws of the Internet is "don't feed the trolls". Just ignore.

        Troll, muslim apologist, diversity cheerleader, or idiot, in no particular order, the answer is the same.

    9. Oh, yes. Ms. Anonymous rears its pointed head and brays. So eloquently opines about something with nothing.