Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Visitor to the Backyard

We had a visitor to the yard that we've never seen before. 

That thing it's standing beside is the outdoor half of a mini-split air conditioner in the workshop.  Mrs. Graybeard was out looking at setting up to do some cleaning and noticed him.  There was another on a neighbor's wooden fence not 6' from us. 

Neither of us knows a hoot about owls, but this appears to be an Eastern Screech Owl.  Everything about habits and habitat seems to match up.  This is a corner of the lot where three neighbor's trees overlapping turn it into a fairly dense wooded spot.  The fact that they're supposed to be nocturnal and daytime sleepers explains the tired-looking eyes. 


  1. Methinks those are not "tired looking eyes...". Those are instead "GET OUTTA MY FACE OR I'LL RIP YER EYES OUT" eyes.