Saturday, August 11, 2018

In a Week, You'll Thank Me

I read it's being released on August 19th.

They say this will be the last one.  We can only hope.  (Disclaimer - I haven't actually watched one.  It might be modern-day Shakespeare and wonderfully written drama, but I'm willing to take the bet it's not and not bother to watch.)

EDIT 8/11, 2115EDT: the typo monster got one by.


  1. Not exactly a genre I follow.

  2. Well actually, this will probably be better - and more believable - than most Hollywood movies these days. I suspect that in this one, mankind won't be rescued by some superhuman vegan womyn.

  3. Oh, the writing is terrible, the acting poor, and the special effects are, shall we say, memorable. The entire premise is ridiculous.

    It's wonderful. These movies doesn't take themselves seriously at all. The title of the second in the series is, after all, "Sharknado 2: The Second One."

    1. See, now you're making me want to watch them. Self-parodying, sorta-like MST3K but without the shadows mocking the movie? Yeah, I could watch that.

  4. Drinking before and during helps also