Monday, August 13, 2018

Why Do I Like to Pick On Them?

Banjo players. 

I have nothing against banjo players.  I'd like to have that skill set, just don't feel like doing the study required.  I'm in the middle of a class on "finger style" guitar playing, which has tons in common with banjo.  It's just six strings instead of five, and all the notes are in different places. 

On a much more serious note, we've had a major issue hit friends close enough to feel like extended family.  It was difficult coming up with even this to post.  I don't feel it's right to talk about it at the moment, and might be scarce here for a few days. 


  1. May God bless you all in this time of need.

  2. I'm sorry for your troubles and those of people you love.

  3. Do what you have to, we'll by on standby.

    Prayers sent....

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  6. That's interesting Spam you've got there. I haven't seen that one before. Those Nigerians must be working overtime to come up with this stuff.

    1. I had the same comment from "Crystal Meth" before the pixel ink had dried last night, like seconds after posting. A couple of days ago, more like the other deleted comment.

      I don't know what's more mind boggling: that they think people would follow them or that someone would pay them to do it.

  7. The sound of gunfire and banjos is the song of my people.

  8. My hands are too saturated with arthritis to play banjo, so my lack of talent is irrelevant and I won't take it up.
    I can still shoot.
    God bless you and yours.

  9. Sorry to hear of your troubles.