Saturday, August 25, 2018

Very Close - But Not Yet

What 's close?

My engine. Very close to being able to try to run it, but not tonight. 

Not finished.  Some of the hardware isn't quite right, and the base plate mounts to an oak piece I haven't even started on yet. 

I could run it without the wooden base.  More importantly, it doesn't spin freely enough yet.  It should spin freely with everything moving properly and no flame applied.  In the middle of the picture, a thin rod is visible with a spring wrapped around it.  That rod doesn't move freely.  That's supposed to be a spring that I wound, instead it's a pen spring I found around the house and abused - I stretched it out so that it wasn't loose and rattling in there.  Didn't feel like buying a hundred feet of spring wire to use a few inches.

At best, I just tweak the positions of some parts, maybe replace that spring with another that I have.  At worst, the flywheel and it's mounting brackets might have to be moved slightly away from your point of view in this picture and that will require a bit of effort. 


  1. You could always "stack" two springs in series with a small washer between them.

    Kludgy, but works!

  2. You can get music wire single piece or assortments in 1 ft and 3 ft lengths.

  3. SOOOOOO close though!
    It really is a beautiful piece of work.