Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Covington Catholic School Kids Timeline - As Documented

Unless you were fully unplugged for the last few days, you know the broad brush of the story.  The lying, deceitful, left wing news media got some craftily edited video that made it look like a group of kids from a Catholic School were harassing some other people, with the image everyone focuses on being an old Native American banging his drum literally four inches from the face of a teen.  Because this 17 year-old happened to be wearing a MAGA hat, he automatically became the center of the storm and a phenomenally vicious Twitter war erupted over these kids ... because reasons?  Somehow they decided these Catholic high school kids were the locus of evil in the world.  Within minutes virtue-signalling leftists were Tweeting that children in MAGA hats should be shot on sight on or fed into wood chippers, and that the hat itself was destroying their minds. 

It wasn't long before other people with their ubiquitous cellphone cameras started putting forward more complete videos and other angles that showed the kids weren't instigating anything.  Much of the media recanted and said they blew it, but a sizeable chunk of the media says, "we may not be right about this exact incident, but we'll find something on them".  As an aside there isn't a lawyer alive who doesn't know that it's a useful trick to get an opponent to blurt something out that they'd rather not say.  It doesn't matter if the trial judge strikes it from the record; those words can't be taken back and they aren't forgotten.  Similarly, the words said about these kids may have been retracted with a quiet "never mind", but the attacks will probably haunt them forever.  God forbid one of them get appointed to the Supreme Court some day!

Glenn Beck's Radio Program and the BlazeTV/CRTV empire gives Glenn resources normal people don't have, and in this case, Glenn paid a staff of eight investigators to go through all the video they could find and reconstruct what happened, minute by minute.  It's 24 minutes long but will explain things you don't see elsewhere.  Here's the YouTube link in case they turn off embedding. 

At the start, a group of very accusatory protesters, the so-called Black Hebrew Israelites, are telling the Native Americans that the reason they lost their land is that Native Americans don't worship the Black Hebrews' one true god.  They keep insulting the Native Americans and escalating their insults, clearly trying to start a fight.  Tensions between the two groups are reaching the boiling point and about to turn into a street brawl when the Black Hebrew Israelites start urging the Native Americans to attack the school kids, throwing them in the middle of the mix. 

At this point, the guy with the drum comes forward.  By now you know that's Nathan Phillips, an old activist who has been revealed to be a fake.  The last Marines had been evacuated from Vietnam the year before he joined.  The story he has told the press is several outright lies, revealed in the videos that Glenn's team put together.

Some might say, "Nathan Phillips is a despicable liar?  Why is it a surprise for a leftist activist to be a despicable liar? "  I can see that argument.  Far more despicable are the school, their Catholic Archdiocese, their mayor and the other people who should nominally be backing the kids up.  As far as I can tell, these kids behaved in an exemplary manner in a bad situation.


  1. LSP had some good thoughts on it the other day.

    Yeah, that diocese is really warped from the Catholicism I was raised with.

    1. Most dioceses are these days. Ms. Barnhardt can elucidate for you, if you need further...

  2. Just another "rules for the but not for me" incident where the left and their media whores assign guilt and need for punishment based SOLELY on identity with total disregard for facts. Philips is one of their own a leftist and a claimed memer of a "victim " class. He can DO NO WRONG. The students are white and male... And being post pubescent also adults. Thus they are ALWAYS GUILTY no matter what the facts are. Just one more episode in the ongoing war against white, intelligent useful Americans.

  3. "these kids behaved in an exemplary manner in a bad situation. "

    SiG, I would go one further and say that these young men are GOOD MEN. Displaying immense intestinal fortitude. I heard not one tiny bit of hatred from the good men. I heard plenty of racist commentary from the black hebrew israelites, and I heard plenty of blatant lies from the "native american" drum beater, especially after the event.

    I would hold up the composure and restraint offered by these White, Catholic, Christian, GOOD MEN as an example to all people- BE LIKE THEM!

    (Notwithstanding the Zero Aggression Principle, as soon as one of the heathens initiated violence, there ain't no taking names, there is just kicking ass. These GOOD MEN did us all a favor.)


    1. I would hold up the composure and restraint offered by these White, Catholic, Christian, GOOD MEN as an example to all people- BE LIKE THEM!

      That's really the best summary. The more we find out, the better they look and the worse everyone else involved looks.