Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Face That Launched A Thousand Memes

Not to mention a thousand parody names.  Occasional-Cortex, Occasionally-Coherent, She Guevarra, Evita Guevarra-Castro, or Obrador Chavez-Maduro to drop some of the more memorable names.  (props to 90 Miles From Tyranny)

These memes are all in good fun as long as everyone realizes they're made up.  Don't think she said this.  Unless a specific attribution is made, like this:

It's fine to make fun of a young, socialist twit (pardon my redundancy); she's a junior representative from "Moscow on the Hudson", New York City, and is more of a media darling than someone with real power in the House of Representatives.  Granted that being a Media Darling brings some sort of power of its own.  My concern is that if all we ever get is mock stupidity to laugh at, we may not get to hear of anything real that might be getting through. 

The powers that be could be using her as a screen.

Keep your eyes and ears open. 

Confidential to Boston University: a while back, Ms. Occasional-Cortex's campaign website said she has a degree in economics from Boston University.  For the future respect and marketability of BU economics degrees, the University should nullify her degree. 


  1. You say that she didn't say these things, but... how do we know.

    She's definitely a stalking horse (and cat's paw) for the shot callers in the Democrat Party.

  2. True...she is, at the moment a 'freshman' congress person. And generally speaking freshmen have no real political clout in Congress. But she'll only be a freshman for two years. And with the typical election seeing something like a 98% reelection rate for congresscritters the odds are VERY GOOD she'll be on the hill long enough to acquire....and use....some real political power. And THAT should scare the bejeebers out of anyone with an IQ higher than a popsicle stick.

  3. I love the memes! I did my small part, starting the "Occasional-Cortex" nickname a few minutes after she was publicly mentioned as running for office. No way to prove I was the only one, but it didn't exist on any search engine until I put it out there.

    She'll still be called that when she's on her deathbed many decades from now. It may be the only thing still in the history records when I've been dead and gone for hundreds of years. I can die happy now!

    I really hope she doesn't end up being president...

  4. Only a head that empty could be the portmanteau of such a clowncarnucopia of vapid vacuousness.

    1. She's good at bouncing around on a rooftop. If she's vacuous as a leader, that means the followers who obey her are even more empty-headed. Lots and lots of people emotionally willing to obey any person that wins an election. They're just following orders.

  5. My concern isn't her obvious lack of intelligence, but the fact that enough people out there are willing to vote for her that she gets elected. My mother's side of the family is rife with those who will vote for the Democrat in any race no matter what they lack in the way of intelligence and integrity. Most of these relatives are truly caring and compassionate people who want to do what is right, but when it comes time to vote, every consideration beyond party goes out the window.

    Yes, we can say they must be low-IQ if they are willing to cast aside principles and concern for what the outcome of voting for a Democrat involves, but it is more a case of a permanent blind spot, and appears to be handed down from parent to child - reinforced by the schools they attend, since they pretty much all live in New England, mostly CT, MA, and RI.

  6. Look, I laugh at these myself, but they are ultimately harmful. The best way to energize the left is to mock her as a brainless girl. It only proves that conservatives are misogynists, which ultimately brings her more support, not less. If you want to stop her momentum, mock her for her false statements and dangerous ideas. Don't energize her supporters by playing into their narrative.

  7. Actually, she's NOT an economic major - explained here -