Sunday, September 22, 2019

Pass This On If You Do Social Media

Just doing my part.  Anthony Watts, owner and HMFWBIC at Watts Up With That offers "the best pushback to the misinformation of @GretaThunberg you’ll find".  I'd have said the best graph, but that's just me. 
This is one of those “share the hell out of this on Facebook and Twitter” type posts, because it carries a clear and simple message: Greta has no idea what she is talking about.
The kid said, "even at 1 degree of warming we are seeing an unacceptable loss of life and livelihoods."  Sorry, the record of the last century has been an enormous decrease in loss of life due to weather-related catastrophes. 

The graph is by Bjorn Lomberg. The data is from (as it says) the International Disaster Database.

Greta is pretty much a useful idiot in this circus - as are all the kids involved in the protests.  When they're dragging out kids as young as elementary school, you know it's all for show; all for tugging at the adults' hearts.  As a 16 year-old (autistic to boot), Greta's brain isn't capable of understanding the data; she just goes on what she's being told.  The people pushing this agenda are the truly despicable people - scaring children over nothing.  Did anyone in media notice that China prohibited the protests?  China and India get a total pass. 


  1. What is it with this cultural suicide these people are hell-bent on achieving?

    And I agree, it's shameful to use children as your pawns.

  2. What is it with this cultural suicide these people are hell-bent on achieving?

    Government of any form, size and type is a suicide cult.

    What, did the government employees boot-load your brain with "facts" to the contrary at age ten? The way human brains develop is that at elementary school age, children absorb whatever authority figures tell them. That's how human brains get a database of facts to reason with. You can put in whatever you want at that age, and it will take until age 30 to start getting tested and purged out by contact with experience. But at age 30, humans are economically invested in the ambient politics. Clever, isn't it? This all worked adequately when tribe size was under 200 monkeys. But now that tribe size is 200 million, the head monkey has a million times more power and the game theory doesn't work. Oops.