Thursday, October 29, 2020

Making a Meme

After seeing the Big Tech leaders (Goo-Twit-Face) in Congress yesterday, something started bothering me.  Chief Twit Jack Dorsey reminded me of someone.   It was pretty easy to remember who, and put the two pictures together.  I think there's a pretty strong resemblance there.

The guy on the left is Emmy winning actor Peter Dinklage, most recently known for a role in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.  Peter set a record in the Emmy awards, winning "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama" four times for "Game of Thrones"- the most wins by an actor in that category in the Emmy Awards' history.  Of course, that's Jack Dorsey on the right.  For those who don't know, Peter Dinklage is a dwarf. 

The problem is I don't know just what goes on the meme.  Maybe their names across the top, and across the bottom:
  • They're both actors in a Game of Thrones,
    Peter is a professional.
  • They're both actors in a Game of Thrones,
    Peter says it on his resume and has won awards for acting.
  • One is a dwarf, the other tries to silence the little people.
  • One is an extremely accomplished man who has risen to great heights in his field.
    The other runs Twitter.
Comments?  Suggestions? 


  1. Damn you, you beat me on the "Looks totally like..."
    Mine goes up tomorrow morning :)

  2. Top Text: One is known for being a devious liar who excels at manipulating greedy fools.

    Bottom Text: The other is an Emmy winning actor.

    I'd probably fiddle with it a bit more - that's my first take.

  3. The resemblance is not as good, but Nathan Bedford Forrest offers more opportunity to roast Jack.

    Actually most of the Confederate Generals could probably be used. (What is up with that beard?)

    1. The photo of Dorsey I used is an old one. For his video testimony, he had what people are calling the apocalypse beard or pandemic lockdown beard. Really long and straggly.

  4. Of the ones you presented, I'd go with #4. Unfortunately I can't offer anything as a suggestion, because I've never seen Game of Thrones and I don't use Twitter, making me doubly clueless on potentially pithy sayings.