Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Looking A Month Into the Future - The Transition Integrity Project's Plans

To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, “If you complain the US isn’t democratic enough, you just might be living in a country designed by geniuses and run by idiots.”

This is an exploration of the document from the Transition Integrity Project, “Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition.”  The 22 page .pdf is currently available at:

As I don't know that site, I assume it could go down at any time.  I can't emphasize enough that everyone should read and understand this.  I mentioned the TIP a month ago in my post about the Color Revolution against the US, as one of the groups organizing the revolution. 

The TIP pretends to be unbiased but is rabidly anti-Trump, anti-constitution, and anti-America as founded.  An easy example is in a footnote on page 3 (the start of the actual text of their study).   “TIP recognizes and shares the view that the Electoral College is profoundly anti-democratic, and that numerous long-standing practices also function to create structural biases in our voting system. For present purposes, however, these constraints are treated as givens.”  

The electoral college, like all of the constitutional government, is designed to balance the rights of less populated states with the higher population states.  Our legislative branch has a House of  Representatives, with the number of representatives proportional to the population of the state, and a Senate where every state gets the same number of senators.  In the electoral college, each state has a number of electors equal to the number of its representatives and senators; there are an additional three electors appointed to Washington D.C.; as if they were the least populous state.  Currently, there are 538 electors; with the mass flight out of New York and California, perhaps their numbers of electors go down and destination states get more.

As best as could be agreed upon, every aspect of the constitution is written to protect the rights of the minority while having majority rule.  Every gunnie I’ve ever talked with about it knows the axiom, “Democracy is two wolves and sheep voting on what’s for dinner.”  A simple majority-rule system with none of the constitutional protections offers just that much protection of minority opinions on policies.   Calling for the country to abolish the electoral college for being anti-democratic is simply saying they want all the power for themselves. 

But that's not what TIP is about.  TIP did a classic DC thing and had politicians role play four scenarios for the election.  It should go without saying that with people pretending to be other people, the results are not likely to be exactly what the people being modeled would really do in the scenarios, but simply illustrates how the players viewed the situations.  

The document describes the scenarios this way:
The four scenarios were developed after a consultative process involving outreach to experts on elections and transitions, political violence and instability, governance, and scenario planning and game design.  Each of the four scenarios developed was different. (See Appendix B for a summary of the scenarios and key actions.)  In one scenario, the exercise posited that the winner of the election was not known as of the morning after the election and the outcome of the race was too close to predict with certainty; in another, the exercise began with the premise that Democratic party candidate Joe Biden won the popular vote and the Electoral College by a healthy margin; and in a third, the exercise assumed that President Trump won the Electoral College vote but again lost the popular vote by a healthy margin. The fourth exercise began with the premise that Biden won both the popular vote and the Electoral College by a narrow margin.
What strikes me about this is that in no scenario do they consider president Trump would win the electoral college and the popular vote.  Joe Biden won both by a wide margin in scenario two and won both by a narrow margin in four.  In scenario one, it was too close to call the morning after the election and they prepare for a long period of actively finding votes to count.  
Note that in case three, where Trump wins the electoral college but loses the popular vote by “a healthy margin” that the constitutional term for that is “elected president.”  Even in that case, the role-players go all out to take power back from the president.  This scenario played through three turns; by the end of the first turn:
...the country was in the midst of a full-blown constitutional crisis characterized by: 1) Political chaos; 2) Widespread threats of violence, and sporadic actual violence in the streets; and 4) A hostile, dangerous, highly-partisan, and frequently unconstrained information and media environment.
Throughout the document, the TIP players pretend that violence in the streets is right wing phenomenon and not the "peaceful protests" of antifa and BLM.  They talk about right wing agents provocateur going into democrat party protests to ensure violence happens.  There is no limit to projection.  

Turns two and three deteriorate farther.  This is the scenario I mentioned last month in which Washington Oregon and California secede from the country, but Obama convinced them to declare a bunch of other conditions. Among them was to divide California into five states to increase the number of senators they have, make Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico states, so they can get even more blue senators and representatives.  Think of it as stacking the legislature instead of (or in addition to) stacking the court.  
One of the most consequential moves was that Team Biden on January 6 provoked a breakdown in the joint session of Congress by getting the House of Representatives to agree to award the presidency to Biden (based on the alternative pro-Biden submissions sent by pro-Biden governors).  Pence and the GOP refused to accept this, declaring instead that Trump was reelected under the Constitution because of his Electoral College victory. This partisan division remained unresolved because neither side backed down, and January 20 arrived without a single president-elect entitled to be Commander-in-Chief after noon that day. It was unclear what the military would do in this situation.
The degree to which the TIP role-playing games will affect what happens to the country is hard to put number on.  The mere fact that they've been planning for conflict over this election since 2016 is itself a sign of bad things coming.  As we've seen vividly lately, in Portland and most recently Denver, antifa is resorting to murder more often these days.  The election will be contested first, and at no time that I can remember has the need to win by more than the fraud margin been more vivid.  Every option involved violence, started by Trump or “Alt Right / Boogaloo supporters.”   Naturally, the left-wingers wouldn't do such a thing - or so they imply. 

The TIP study is full of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) but I still think everyone should at least skim it.  When you read of the thousand and one bad things they say Trump will do, just substitute the left wing mob to get a more accurate picture.


  1. The ACTUAL results of the vote are irrelevant. The commie left and their media whore accomplices intend to do ANYTHING required to insure the left removes Trump from office. ANYTHING!!!!

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  3. I see "integrity" or sustainable, or democracy, or settled science,, I know it's BULLSHIT..

    1. It's a safe bet that any group out of DC who calls themselves something like the Transition Integrity Project is really dedicated to the opposite of their name.

      Just like any laws with catchy names out of DC. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act raised insurance rates to insane levels. The PATRIOT Act was really the Government is Going to Monitor Everything You Think, Do or Say Act. I'll stop there.

  4. Odd how what would be expected to be labeled Narrow Trump win is instead labelled Ambiguous Result.

  5. As I believe that Trump will win on November 3rd, the Left including TIP will start on November 4th with their lawsuits. Their biggest effort will be to extend the window in which unverifiable ballots can be delivered and counted. That has been the primary reason behind all of the pre-election lawsuits which in most cases have been shot down once past Democrat loyal judges. Election fraud is the only way that Democrats can win and they will keep trying until they finally succeed if not in this election then in the future.

    As a side note, apparently here in Texas the Democrat Poll Judges have been instructed to put an R on paper ballots they suspect will be cast for Republicans. Any marking on the ballot other than the selection of candidates will make it invalid. They then hope to go back and get these removed from the count.

    As far as I can tell, the Democrat(ic) Party has become an overt criminal organization posing as a political party, at least at the National level. How else do you get elected to an office that pays around $200,000 a year and 2 to 6 years later you are a multimillionaire.

  6. Leftists love to talk about right wing "dog whistles."

    One can't help but wonder if all of the bad things they speculate that Trump or people on the right will do are actually instructions for what they would like the lefties to do in those situations.

    I may be paranoid, but am I paranoid enough?

  7. When Bidens KGB come to confiscate your firearms because you refused to surrender them or register them as NFA weapons, what are you going to do?

    Claim you lost them, and join the underground to fight the Communists to the end.

    Or take on the jackbooted tyrants as they break down your door at 3AM?

    Its certain their will be more Wacos and Ruby Ridge events should the Communist Biden regime fullfill their promise to take our weapons. Remember that both those events began as ATF operations.

    I believe this November will end in civil war no matter who wins. It will be different groups who light the Fuze. In a Trump win it will be the Antifa and Blm thugs armed by the Chinese PLA

    In a Biden win, the balloon goes up when his KGB starts killing gun owners in raids to confiscate weapons that their owners refused to surrender. A few Waco’s or Ruby Ridge’s is all it will take for a Patriots insurgency of million perhaps more Armed and Trained Americans who will fight to the end the Tyranny of a Biden Regime.

    Its either fight to preserve ones freedom or surrender and become a servile subject under a Communist Government. Thats where we have been inching to for decades. Obama accelerated the pace. His 8 years afforded him the time he needed to infect the necessary Federal Agencies and form the international partnerships needed to rapidly enslave the American people.

    1. Fighting them on their terms is pointless. You are guaranteed to lose...and almost certainly die and the media whores....which is 99% of them....will make sure that you are demonized and the thugs pinned to badges are deified. You don't fight on THEIR terms. You dictate when, where and how so THEY aren't ready. It's called Asymmetrical Warfare and it's the only way to stand a chance.

    2. I think in either case of a Civil War, the Democrats will invite China under the guise of the United Nations to invade the United States as a "peace keeping" force. At least they may be wearing blue helmets and blue berets to mark the targets.

  8. To quote the immortal Daffy Duck- "You realize, of course, that this means WAR".