Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Technical Difficulties Today

Completely unrelated to the blog, but plumbing issues that knocked me off kilter for the afternoon.  

Sort of a Halloween-ish motif for Halloween week.  From the Podcast Macabre.   

Around the time the washing machine was discharging into the kitchen and garage sinks, I had left YouTube showing the booster from Saturday coming back into Port Canaveral.  It's kinda cool. 

Whenever someone mentions that the Starship has three Raptor engines on it.  Somebody thinks, "three raptors?  Like this?" and posts this picture.  On just about every online forum there is. 

Sooner or later you get used to it. 


  1. I was fortunate to be down in the L.A. Harbor one day when one of the boosters launched from VAFB was brought back in. Caused quite a stir down in the harbor, and quite a traffic jam along Harbor Bl in San Pedro.

  2. That's how I view the engines...and their controller...in a metaphorical sense.