Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

I'll be honest; I'm having a hard time processing the day.  I could see there being people converging on DC for the Stop The Steal protest, but it went a lot farther than I would think.  If I've heard one person call into one of the talk shows saying they're going to DC, I've heard over half a dozen.  None of them sounded like Antifa.  The stuff captured on the TV news did.  I find Irish collecting lots of things that make it seem like a false flag operation, specifically by Lefties working to make conservatives look bad.

Two months old, same concept. 

A couple of hours ago I'm saying "this smells like a false flag" to Mrs. Graybeard.  While she was watching a video of protesters breaking glass in the capital building she's saying (in concept) the contents of this Tweet that Irish posted.

The situation after Georgia is horrible.  After the enormous fraud in November, why should I believe that this isn't fraud?  After all, Georgia cheated last time, too. 

The chances of getting election reform passed, especially in the Ho Jo administration is zero.  After all, the places that cheated worked very hard to cheat.  They want to keep cheating because cheating = winning.  Anything lawmakers do will be like putting a "Cheat Free Zone" sign over the vote counting offices. 


  1. Almost EVERYTHING that has happened this year from the "PLANNEDEMIC" resulting in the insanity of "mail in voting" to facilitate fraud to the SCOTUS and other courts turning a blind eye to obvious fraud and Pence selling out to the commie left today was planned. The left has spent millions of dollars and countless man hours scripting his coup. They have infiltrated, subverted and suborned every person and organization needed to insure their coup succeeded. They have bribed, blackmailed, threatened and murdered people to achieve their goal. Today was the culmination of all that planning, all that effort to predict and counter every possible avenue Trump had to stop the steal. Trump tried very hard but the swamp is just too deep, too powerful, too endemic for one man to tackle. And Pence's betrayal today proves that Trump truly was alone. He never really had a chance.....the quislings he was relying on lied about their loyalty and led him on. He thought he could rely on a conservative SCOTUS and other judges to follow the law.... they refused. He thought he could rely on his own staff....they decieved him and sabotaged his efforts. He never had a chance and probably didn't know he had no chance. The swamp is truly infinite. Today is the day for Americans to choose. It's either 1776 or it will be 1984..... Forever. Either we extensively water the Tree Of Liberty or very soon we will be seeing boxcars and gulags. The left has been very honest about their intentions. They ARE going to use the power they have just stolen to insure there will NEVER be an honest election in America again and to round up and eradicate everyone that opposes them. They have told us that is what they plan. And they HAVE done the things they said they would when given the power. And now they have the power....ALL OF IT.

    1. The story I heard was that after the 2016 election, George Soros called together a bunch of billionaires and promised them the country if they'd work together. To get in on it, they'd have to contribute $250 Million to start, with continuing commitments of $20 million to specific groups and their efforts if approved.

      Real? Made up? I don't know. All I can say is it seems to be in character for the guy who loves to play God.

    2. I have no doubts Soros has been involved in the coup. He has openly stated his hatred for America as it was and has spent billions trying to overthrow capitalist countries. He has always been a committed commie. Knowing what happened and who is behind it is fairly straightforward. The problem is what to do about it. Conservatives are always at a disadvantage because our side is comprised of individuals who don't like to conform while the left is full of committed conformists. It makes it easy for them to organize and plot while our side can never seem to get on the same page.

  2. What military objective was whatever happened supposed to achieve? Capture enemy leaders? Take and hold the enemy castle?


    If it doesn't make military sense, then it's probably second unit action footage to be edited into a narrative for the TV telescreens. Just wait for the legislative agenda from the first hundred days. Maybe they'll outlaw burning fossil fuels? When people are banned from sheltering and feeding themselves, that's when I expect the pushback to arrive.

  3. It's the Westboro Baptist problem. Is this idiocy from 300 pound militia generals in camo, or is this a parody? You can't tell.

    Pizzagate...Anthony Wiener's laptop...the recent Epstein prosecution...Lin Wood's tweets...and I still haven't seen a single video of anybody doing anything evil. Conclusion: The Boy Who Cried Wolf. National political figures are still crooked but they're probably controlled by a much more mundane scheme of paying them under the table to have a fancy but mainstream lifestyle.

  4. It looked like a false flag operation to me.

    1. When I saw pictures yesterday and this morning, I said the same thing. Some of the Lefts Brown Shirts put on their "enimies'" uniform and proceeded to commit mayhem to sully the Right's image.

    2. I'm rearranging my shop and listening to talk radio as I work. Beck and Rush. Just taking a 10 minute sit down. Both have had many callers who claim to have been there and everyone who was there says it was outsiders. False flag.

      They all think it was Antifa, probably because they know that name and no others.

    3. Without a doubt there were plenty of Antifa animals present for the protests. They ALWAYS infiltrate conservative gatherings to try and gum up the works and make our side look bad....and the media are complicit in this. The left is FAR more thoroughly organized and have comprehensive plans on how to deal with almost every scenario. It doesn't matter if our side has most of the guns, most of the bullets, most of the .mil veterans. Their side is organized. Ours is not. That means they ALWAYS win. They always set the terms of the engagements. Owning the media gives them an almost insurmountable advantage. And with Big Tech being on their side they are clamping down on the only free means of mass communication left for conservatives....the internet.

  5. Sad thing is... The horrid stuff all happened over the last, well, since 1994 with the election of the Crooks from Arkansas. And before. The fact that Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, and so many more kept getting elected while openly grifting these used-to be United States...

    Seriously. A little broken glass? No congresscritters hung, used as human pinatas or tarred-and-feathered. No fires. No offices looted. No vehicles set on fire while the occupants roasted inside.

    What happened today was far less violent, all day long, than an hour at the typical Pink Pussyhat Parade or BLM or Antifa 'protest' or at Chad or Occupy Wallstreet or or or or (insert any collection of leftist asshats.)

    We are not citizens to these people. We are subjects. That is what they are showing us. You can do whatever you want as long as you do it for the correct side. Steal, kill, rape, destroy, sell secrets to foreign countries, actively work for foreign countries, be a US servicemember and turn traitor and join your Taliban buddies, and so on, and so forth, as long as you do it for THE LEFTISTS.

    Sit in a coffee house and bitch about the worst president ever? If you're not the FBI informant, you'll spend the rest of your life in prison.

    Protect yourself against a raging mob or homicidal maniac, and you're right of Stalin? They'll break you and your family and your friends. Even if you're 'in the right.' You will be destroyed. (But if you are a good leftist and you gang up and openly kill someone as shown on video recordings? Eh, you may get arrested... but you'll get out on zero bail because it's bad to hold good leftist murderers behind bars...)

    You have a better chance at actually seeing Blue Origin actually do something productive than you have at seeing justice in this fallen world.

  6. I cry for the loss of my country, the country, into which I thank G-d every day, I was born.
    Both my parents were born in eastern Europe and came here well before the Big Horror. I, as were my cousins, was brought up to be a proud American, to value what G-d had given me, to value what this great country had given me.
    And here are the very people my parents thought they escaped: lying and cheating and stealing elections, just like in Europe, to stuff their pockets with more money, just like in Europe to have the power of life and death over people they don't know and will never meet.
    What's even worse are my friends and family who will still be cheering as they're marched up the ramp into the cattle cars.
    I cry for the loss of my country.

    1. The start of almost every single Hebrew prayer is Baruch Atah Hashem (you would say “Adonai” when actually doing it),Eloheinu melech ah-olam ...
      Blessed art thou, Oh! our God.
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      BTW, the word "bless" in this instance is meant as:
      To honor as holy

  7. BIDENS first week in office will be an EO to take our arms. Our response will define us. And how we respond will be critical to existence or destruction of the Republic. The ultimate goal is a Chinese type of Communism.

    I am convinced Biden has accumulated the backing to destroy anyone who gets in the way. Anyone except 25 million armed Patriots who will not surrender their arms and freedom

  8. Yeah, I'm looking into getting more HT radios - the GMRS type. One report I've read from someone at the protest was that cell service was very spotty. I'm thinking maybe deliberate blocking the signal?
    Radio is likelier to get through.

  9. More on the protest.

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