Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Welcome to Dystopia

If the last few days haven't seemed like complete dystopian life, I don't think you're watching.  Tech oligarchs ban speech they disagree with?  Parler getting dumped by Google, Apple and Amazon?  Dozens getting deplatformed everywhere from Twitter to Facebook?  AR-15.com gets dumped by their ISP with no warning?  

And then there's this, lifted mercilessly from Miguel at Gun Free Zone.

I don't think I've seen a more obvious or less clever trap in my life. The chances that this is real, constitutional conservative organization are right around the chances of winning Powerball - one in 250 million?  Is it Antifa, our government, Chinese government?  Harder to say. 

All of this just from the color scheme and general look.  It's so obviously communistic that I'd bet 80% of the parodies on The People's Cube look like this.  No US flag, no red white and blue, just red and yellow.  Are the three stars on Lady Liberty three of the four on the Chinese flags?  Since I mention the lady, notice that picture is swapped left to right - she holds the torch in her right hand not her left hand like this shows.  The only thing missing from a communist poster is the hand pointing the way to the glorious future. 

As Miguel points out, notice where it says "come armed at your personal discretion" while talking about going to the White House?  Unless you've just joined the world of concealed carry you should know that carry in DC is just about completely forbidden.  The only people who can carry in DC are approved LEOs, Military on duty or those who have adequately greased the palms of the local politicos.  If you open carry in DC, you're going to jail as soon as they see you. 

Suffice it to say, in the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar from the Star Wars universe, "it's a trap!"


  1. Yes, to stoopid is strong on that one.

  2. When I first heard of this, I figured it was a false flag and trap for any of those stupid enough to believe it wasn't. This would be the trigger to put the whole nation under martial law (forever), confiscate ALL guns from non LEO and military, and round up all the people who voted for Trump. As to the last one I fully believe we do not have a secret ballot any more especially if we voted electronically or voted in the primaries.

  3. Tech oligarchs ban speech they disagree with? Parler getting dumped by Google, Apple and Amazon? Dozens getting deplatformed everywhere from Twitter to Facebook? AR-15.com gets dumped by their ISP with no warning?

    All of which gives each little subcommunity of deplorables a big, bloody nose -- an injury which doesn't weaken their ability to resist obeying commies, it just gets them off the couch. So I hope they ban guns, mandate vaccinations, make masks and lockdowns permanent, and run every deplorable they can find out of their job. Keep winding that spring up.

    Kurzweil's history of the technological singularity is that a government forces technological stagnation for a while, then bottled-up progress which people know is possible, just banned, snaps lifestyle up to the super-exponential trend line. Imagine the variety of small drone weapons which are currently being held off the market. How much squashing of American lifestyle will it take until 'unleash the flying monkeys' looks like the least bad response?

  4. It feels as if we have wandered into a Tom Wolfe novel.

    1. I worry that we will be wandering into a John Ringo (Centurion / Black Tide Rising) or Tom Kratman (State of Disobedience / Terra Nova) novel.
      Re-reading Selco Begovics' Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival, about his experiences living through the Balkan wars.
      Not pretty.
      John in Indy

  5. I decided to try to disseminate the warning per Facebook - no luck. I kept getting the message:
    Sorry we have an error. - right!
    Instead I sent it to a group of friends (some even angry enough) per email
    Makes me wonder if Facebook ... I know - but even paranoids have enemies­čĄú

  6. They could post up a big ass sign saying "It's A Trap" and there are people who will still show up. They plan on disarming all of us. One plan is to outlaw everything and try to get people to turn them in or confiscate them one owner at a time. That will take too Long to do and won't work well....too many people will have time to hide guns and plan some type of resistance. The more rabid faction of the American Communist Party doesn't want to wait. They wouldn't mind false flagging things into high gear. Declare an Insurrection, insist on martial law, turn .Mil loose with orders to search EVERYWHERE and confiscate ANYTHING they don't want us to have. Many on the left truly believe they now FULLY control everything they need to enslave all of us and they are very impatient about getting that job done.