Monday, January 19, 2015

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Administrivia:  in the past few weeks, I've added two blogs to my reading list.  I've neglected to point these out, but I should have.  One is fellow Florida blogger 90 Miles From Tyranny.  Hosted by Mike Miles, he's a common sense, small government, firearms friendly guy - who needs a link from me about as much as Instapundit does.  He has about 5x as many views as I do in way less time than I've been blogging.  But blogs that are short, pithy, and visual are fun to watch and I do.  He's in the Florida blog section.

The other is a blog that Western Rifle Shooters Linked to a few days ago, Come and Make It - reminiscent of the Molon Labe cry.  He's a maker dedicated to helping the home gun and knife maker.  Almost everything I've seen is tool related.  His article on the state of the art in 3D Printed guns was WRSA's link that got me there.  In turn, he links to where you'll find a lot of very interesting work in progress.  A 3D printed AR fire control group?  Still need metal for the springs, and it doesn't quite work yet, but experimentation is the mother, right?  Keep an eye on this one, if you're interested in making stuff. 

Meanwhile, my shop is in place and hardly being used.  I sanded the project guitar kit to 220 grit yesterday, and will follow up with the next size finer that I have.  Then it's time to start messing with stains (where "mess" is the key word).  I'm still leaning toward a cherry sunburst, as I said when I posted originally, but don't really know how to get there.  Need to do some more reading.  Over at the show Saturday, I saw a few flame maple guitars finished in "natural".  It doesn't look bad.  Nah... I'll stick with trying for cherry sunburst because otherwise I don't learn anything for the next project.  The back and sides are mahogany, so they'll be given a more reddish-brown stain. 
Yeah.  In my dreams it comes out looking pretty much like that.  Except for the sides, because the cheapo kit doesn't have flame maple on the sides. 


  1. And Miles post some of the best Rule 5 pictures out there...

  2. Gunfreezone, ya beat me to it.

    Don't denigrate your blog, SiG. If you posted the fine Rule 5 stuff that Miles does, you would probably have numbers as high as he does :-)

    He and the Feral Irishman are a couple of my favorite stop, after you and WRSA.