Sunday, January 25, 2015

Well How About That?

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money has an infographic from the NSSF about the rapid growth of women in shooting.  For attempt at convenience, I'll copy it here:
While we regularly hear about making sure we welcome new shooters and help them acclimate into the gun culture, both good things,  it looks to me like these new women shooters are full-fledged gunnies Right Now.  Why?  Look at the features they're shopping for:  (1) Fit,  (2) Quality,  (3)  Practicality.  Note to gun manufacturers:  did you notice that "Pink" doesn't appear in that list?  Why do they buy guns?  (1) Self defense  (2)  Hunting  (3) just to go shooting with Friends.  Just like any guys I know.  Notice the 3 most popular types?  (1)  Semi-auto pistol  (2)  Revolver and (3)  Shotgun.  I'd bet that it's either the same for men, although one of the three might turn into a semi-auto rifle (AR-15s are Barbies for Men, after all).  What else are women buying?  Gun cleaning products, eye and ear protection, targets, cases.... how much more "mainstream gunnie" can you get? 

While I'm impressed by the increases in the numbers of women getting into shooting, and I certainly hope I'm as welcoming to all new shooters as can be, women are becoming shooters to become shooters.  They're as much gunnies as any grizzled old guy.  More so, if the guy has guns but never goes shooting. 

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